Omega Railmaster 1957 on a Chevron adjustable nato. End of summer shot.

Sep 12, 2020,12:52 PM

Although not a manual wind like the vintage Railmaster, the modern iteration is another GADA watch with classical sizing and a modern automatic Co axial movement.  


Would’ve been close to perfection had they included a screw down crown.  The domed sapphire gives the dial of this tool watch just enough visual interest.  

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Gada watch?

 By: Reuven Malter : September 12th, 2020-14:40
An amazing piece anyways. Omega is so strong when they are going for their vintage designs...!

Go Anywhere, Do Anything.

 By: Nicetomeetyou : September 12th, 2020-15:06
Ie Could be your only watch.

Lovely combo and watch. [nt]

 By: amanico : September 12th, 2020-16:49

Thank you.

 By: Nicetomeetyou : September 12th, 2020-19:57
Your PAF Railmaster posted on this site is definitely a G”railmaster”.

"Grailmaster"? . . .

 By: Dr No : September 12th, 2020-22:13
. . . brilliant! I should've thought of that. Also drawn to Rails . . . . . . on straps. Mine's on ten-year old shell cordovan and not going back to the bracelet anytime soon. Cordially, Art ...  

If the Seamster is for divers and the Speedmaster is for racers... then surely the Railmaster should be the tool watch of choice for those that play pool / billiards!

 By: Nicetomeetyou : September 12th, 2020-22:47
Shell cordovan has the same feel on the wrist as your favourite pair of shoes on your feet - while also giving the watch a sartorial refinement. Can't go wrong with black on black. Cheers.

That's why . . .

 By: Dr No : September 12th, 2020-23:05
. . . they call me . . . . . . the rail master. 🎱

Bond chooses the Seamaster.

 By: Nicetomeetyou : September 13th, 2020-08:31
Dr No chooses the Railmaster.

I like this the best among 60th anniversary editions.

 By: Pun : September 12th, 2020-20:06
It's simplicity is its beauty. And it's most accurate re-edition of the original, sans movement inside.


 By: Nicetomeetyou : September 12th, 2020-20:26
I tend to gravitate towards uncomplicated dials. Just like in life... best to keep things simple!

🥰 [nt]

 By: Pun : September 12th, 2020-20:31