I'm sure you'll put your hands on a Speedmaster, one day! I am one of those who love (some not because it is unwatchable!) the variants of this model... what a splendid path! [nt]

Nov 20, 2018,07:07 AM

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Some Omega Speedmasters.

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2018-01:27
I am not a big fan of Speedmasters... Maybe because there is so much passion about it, maybe because I am always reluctant when a watch cannibalizes a brand, maybe because when people think Omega, they first think " Speedmasters ". I don't have a Speedmas...  

Start with ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 20th, 2018-04:55
Ref 105.003 The legendary Ed White, Circa 1965. You can feel the history in this watch. All the marketing hype came later on.

I only speak from experience [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 20th, 2018-14:10

Your choice, indeed? [nt]

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2018-22:19

2915s are for sure the most iconic but since a few years their prices have skyrocketed. Aesthetically speaking my favourite reference is 2998 with straight lugs and alpha hands. A good and

 By: PP5170G : November 20th, 2018-05:29
all original 2998-1 is unbeatable IMHO. Furthermore you, as you mentioned, also 105.002 is a great reference above all for its rarity.


 By: Jurry : November 20th, 2018-05:46
The problem with Omega is that, indeed, they are squeezing the moon watch like a lemon. They have gone too far with limited editions on special editions, white grey Black you name it, they’ve got it But it completely took the magic out of it To me there a... 

Though you declare not being fan of the Speedy, I feel that at least one example should reside in your collection and filling the Triology gap...

 By: Subexplorer : November 20th, 2018-06:36
... would be a fantastic excuse! All the examples you show can make happy a demanding collector. I would go for any of those you are considering... before they are gone forever or their prices put definitively in the missing train category! As this crazy ... 

Speedmaster, Nautilus, Royal Oak...

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : November 20th, 2018-08:05
strong designs, strong following.

Neat point, Arie. [nt]

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2018-09:46

with the risk of being assassinated...

 By: Alex83 : November 20th, 2018-12:28
I will also say I am not a big fan; I mean the watch is ok but it is my personal, non-funded and totally subjective belief that no man has ever put a foot on the moon.... oh I said it....

Watch your back! ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2018-12:29

:) [nt]

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2018-12:32

I've met Charlie Duke . . .

 By: Dr No : November 20th, 2018-12:39
. . . and can guarantee if you told him that in person, steam would come out of his ears . . . at best. Met Tom Stafford, too . . . . . . and can say without the slightest doubt these guys could never have pulled off a fabricated stunt and kept the hoodwi...  

Et mince...

 By: Alex83 : November 20th, 2018-12:53
Je savais que je n'aurais pas du appuyer sur envoyer!

Too late... ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2018-13:04

Hope no offense dear Art!

 By: Alex83 : November 20th, 2018-12:52
I am sure these gentlemen are really good human beings! I am just very sceptical with some parts of the written history... Actually the more I age, or perhaps the more I see what is going on today, the less I believe certain parts of recent history... But... 

Well, I'm a skeptic, too, about many . . .

 By: Dr No : November 20th, 2018-13:22
. . . accepted interpretations of history, including both Kennedy assassinations, but not when it comes to the moon landings. I heard Charlie D describe his experience losing his footing and almost falling into a pit, from which he wouldn't have been able... 

Thanks for the post. I agree with you, I want a speedmaster but there are so many choices where to start?

 By: socabaptist : November 20th, 2018-12:41
Please keep posting any more choices that you find - this gives me a better idea of what's out there. Thanks!


 By: tactictac : November 2nd, 2019-06:19
what was your choice.

I’m attracted to this one.

 By: tactictac : November 2nd, 2019-16:46
105.012 - 66 CB ...  

For the symbol

 By: tactictac : November 3rd, 2019-03:00
105.012 CB is the one that was on the moon.

Yes, I know, I know... [nt]

 By: amanico : November 3rd, 2019-07:37

It took me years...

 By: FlyingSnoopy : November 3rd, 2019-09:00
to start liking this watch and now it is one of my favourites! It grows on you My first one was a pre moon 321... Cheers