Dublining with the RM. Rainy but charming, as always

Aug 30, 2019,01:30 AM

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Thank you, my friend! [nt]

 By: agyzace : August 30th, 2019-02:42

one of the best Omega in recent times

 By: maverickmahesh : August 30th, 2019-01:52
also kept close to the original design codes...yeah we'll all miss the Patina in the future ;-)

+1 here too [nt]

 By: Spartacus : September 2nd, 2019-10:34


 By: Jurry : August 30th, 2019-02:24
I love bot( the watch (it’s so attractive without shouting) and the city (have lived there few years)

True very true [nt]

 By: Jurry : August 30th, 2019-05:46

You wear it well! (Nt)

 By: Echi : August 30th, 2019-02:39

Thanks Echi! [nt]

 By: agyzace : August 30th, 2019-02:44

You knew . . .

 By: Dr No : September 3rd, 2019-10:08
. . . this was coming.

Beautiful shot!

 By: Watch_This : August 30th, 2019-05:42
Easily one of my favorite pieces as well Enjoy your weekend. ...  

Thanks Raymond! [nt]

 By: agyzace : August 30th, 2019-09:54

I really, but really like this Railmaster...

 By: Izhik : August 30th, 2019-12:59
playing with the idea to get it, but I would prefer a leather strap...have a great weekend..

I cannot recommend it strong enough. I usually refrain from recommending others to get watches..

 By: agyzace : August 30th, 2019-13:39
..but in this case, I think we are talking a phenomenal watch which has no drawbacks. It comes with a very nice nato as well, so changing bracelet and straps is not an issue at all. Its steel bracelet is excellent btw, so you will use it for sure. All the... 

a really cool shot my friend

 By: Seeks : September 1st, 2019-00:01
I like this RM a lot ! best regards

If you can have only one Omega, it might as well be . . .

 By: Dr No : September 3rd, 2019-10:10
. . . a Rail. ;-) ...  

Could not agree more!! It is a great great watch

 By: agyzace : September 3rd, 2019-11:59
Superb colors btw! 😊

1 without contest. [nt]

 By: Pun : November 19th, 2019-08:40
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