An easy choice for a relaxed Saturday…

May 14, 2022,10:35 AM

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Thanks Henrik

 By: Weems@8 : May 14th, 2022-10:40
Good you put off that honey brown strap, and put on a better color for the CK859.

Still digging this piece…

 By: myles721 : May 14th, 2022-10:52
The movements that Omega are using are so reliable and accurate it’s hard for me to want to venture outside the brand…love the hands and it wears large for not being a 45mm..

Step out the comfort zone

 By: Weems@8 : May 14th, 2022-11:19
I did the same and no regret. I know my Omega is my best watch in my collection, but i like the short comings from others. Maybe i do not collect any Omega anymore, too perfect. Montblanc and Cartier are missing, so i like to add such a watch into my box.... 

Relaxing Saturday night at home . . .

 By: Dr No : May 15th, 2022-17:12
. . . grilling salmon steaks, tuna, and baby broccoli . . . . . . with a '43 Ω ref 2242 . . . . . . on my wrist. Glad to see you enjoying Club Omega membership, Henryk! Art ...