Ti Combo

Nov 10, 2009,07:43 AM

Just got my Lamy 2000 Titanium... cant resist the combo with my 161 ;-)


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Excellent German Titanium

 By: BluNotte : November 10th, 2009-08:05
Pardon me, but i love the pen more than the watch! Thanks for sharing! Stephen

I don't really own a good pen yet

 By: BluNotte : November 10th, 2009-19:21
But i'm intrigued by your Lamy and would like to look more into the brand! Cheers Stephen

Be careful!!!!!!!!!

 By: Bruce-YVR : November 10th, 2009-19:39
Stephen... be very vareful... its another "bad" hobby to get into ha ha ha.... Lamy is great and probably best bang for your buck out there... design and function and very "bauhause" Pelikan is another great brand that I love I have a Lamy Dialog 1,2 and ... 

Warning much appreciated!

 By: BluNotte : November 11th, 2009-06:40
Thanks Bruce! Well, i probably won't grow much of a love for pens, i'll just need one good functional one! Will keep the forums updated if anything comes! Ciao! Stephen

Take a look at this...

 By: Bruce-YVR : November 11th, 2009-07:00
Take a look at this line :-) www.lamy.com .html#/dialog

Hey Bruce, it seems like the page you are sending me

 By: BluNotte : November 11th, 2009-09:16
is already expired. Could you give me another link? Maybe through PM? Cheers Stephen

Love the pen too...

 By: patrick_y : November 10th, 2009-09:39
I've got a bright yellow Lamy Safari fountain pen. Still trying to figure out what's the best moment to wear this pen in front of DRMW, our resident fan of the color yellow. Don't have a Panerai watch, and I think you've come up with an interesting concep...