Panerai Mare Nostrum PAM 300.

Nov 20, 2022,09:14 AM

That was a nice but frustrating novelty, when it was issued in 2010. 

Nice, because the look is to die for. But frustrating because with its 52 mm case, it is unwearable, at least for a wrist like mine ( 17 cm ). 

I tried several times, wanted to get it, but no, my wrist just can't afford it. 

Here with the Pre Vendome Slytech version ref 5218-304, 42 mm. 

It would have been 47 mm big, I would have jumped on it. 

It was so close to one of my dream watch, the prototype from 1943: 

... Which was also 52 mm big. 

What a look! 



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Alas, three times alas...

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-09:45

Thank you.

 By: ZSHSZ : November 20th, 2022-16:39

Pleasure, my friend.

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2022-14:51

100% agreed.

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-14:38

Cool stuff 👍

 By: Benson Tan : November 21st, 2022-08:47

Like the PAM341 Egiziano....

 By: sergio : November 21st, 2022-13:58
...vaguely re-incarnated into PAM024A, the PAM300 was meant, I guess, for the eager collectors. I'm sure that the "florentines" didn't have a "wearable" model in mind. After all, they had already revived the MN (in more...human...dimensions) in the Pre-V ... 

Wow!!! Love the 4 numerals and clean bezel

 By: darrony : November 22nd, 2022-05:32
47mm would be calling me!

Very same for me. ;)

 By: amanico : November 22nd, 2022-07:46