Not long after I bought the 249...

Mar 29, 2023,22:14 PM

...I parked my car near a column and in trying to squeeze thru the space, I grated the plexiglass (a-la-parmesan-cheese) against the column. First thought: oops. Second thought: great, now I don't have to freak out every time I use it anymore Lolllllll

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The first cut is the deepest as the song goes…

 By: takman : March 29th, 2023-22:21
But it adds to the character of the watch, you have a piece unique now!

Yes, it does come with the....

 By: sergio : March 30th, 2023-00:01
spare plexi in the huge box I haven't used it, though. Today it still has the original one on it and I've never grated it again.

Just use a little polywatch plexi polish.

 By: Bill : March 30th, 2023-01:53
It will work wonders. A few minutes of elbow grease and your done. ...  

Also Cape Cod cloth it's ok.

 By: sergio : March 30th, 2023-18:21
I have used this one,on a couple of...casualties ...  

Shark skin is rough...

 By: Mary Anny : March 30th, 2023-10:26
Even more than the keel of a British ship!

Even toothpaste is ok...

 By: sergio : March 30th, 2023-13:13
if the damage it's not substantial. You're perfectly right (of course) about the skin of a shark. The denticles, used in the appropriate direction, act as sandpaper.

Yes it is!

 By: Mary Anny : March 30th, 2023-15:10

I can't post the video....

 By: sergio : March 30th, 2023-18:07
of my sharks dive, in South Africa, during which I had to push a couple of them out of

Amazing Sergio!

 By: Mary Anny : March 30th, 2023-19:28
What watch were you wearing?

I've never been bothered about it...

 By: sergio : March 30th, 2023-13:08 much so that I've never touched it. It was just a "liberating" feeling After a triple by-pass (a while back) not even the calcium worries me Lollll

I've learned the lesson, Doc...

 By: sergio : March 30th, 2023-23:00
matter of fact I started "cleaning up my act" long before the stroke (I did loose 20kgs in 2 years) I could be the testimonial for the Morigerate&Clean living society Lollll

This piece haunts me...

 By: gregcarraram3 : April 1st, 2023-13:48
It is my favorite Panerai, this and the 372, 332...that would be an ideal collection for me, but, start with the 249...just so simple and beautiful.