My ideal pair..... PAM 355 & PAM161

May 15, 2011,14:16 PM

Being a newbie in this field, I would like to pose this combination of of owing a 'complete' set of Radiomir & Luminor watches. A PAM 355 & PAM 161.

PAM 355 – Radiomir GMT Alarm (42mm)
This watch has an elegance feel and a kind of sophistication which stands out for a smart man. Subtle and practical. Can be a dressy watch when the situation demands.

PAM 161 – Luminor GMT Titanium (44mm)
Casual and yet macho. This watch personify a man with discerning taste and he is taking time off from 'work'. A very cool watch and when the situation demands, it can be transformed into an elegant piece of man's accessory by changing the strap. Wearing this watch requires a man's wrist and yet to be gentle.

These are my thoughts of owing a set of Panerai, Rad & Luminor.... within my budget.

Comments please and propose your combination and why?

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what an odd pair.....:-)

 By: sergio : May 15th, 2011-16:44
One, the 355 it's not really a Radiomir, with so many bells and whistles it could be....anything...The other, the 161 with a cyclop and a bracelet. What will they think of next. I thought a 210 and a 000, would fit the ideal pair of Panerais...go figure..... 

127 and 232 indeed a dynamic duo!

 By: playtime : May 16th, 2011-05:16
though i'd opt more for the 372 than the 127--but THAT is a minor detail! J

another detail.....

 By: sergio : May 16th, 2011-09:38
I have a 127 for the longest of times. The 372, although it comes highly recommended, I have neither seen nor decided to purchase.. Cheers - Sergio

Rather plain .... 127 and 232

 By: cmmak : May 16th, 2011-08:41
Your choices of the 127 and a 232 is rather plain for my liking and I respect your opinion. With a bracelet watch option, I would be able to participate in rough and tumble environment and with a change to strap, it can be more elegant and sporty. I shoul... 

Opinions are....personal...and always respected, as such.. :-)

 By: sergio : May 16th, 2011-09:57
when mentioning the 355 and the 161, you are talking about watches in general, not Panerais. A Panerai purist would frown upon an automatic watch, frown upon a watch with a date (let alone a cyclop lense) frown upon a 42mm watch etc etc. So if you're talk... 

'besotted' is the perfect word:)

 By: playtime : May 16th, 2011-10:15
a classic panerai has that effect!

Ultility Watch - 355

 By: cmmak : May 16th, 2011-20:17
Perhaps, I would re label the 355 as a practical utility watch. I read your comments with a positive enlightenment and I guess from the pure perfectionist point of view, the Cali 249 is a wonderful piece. In fact the pieces mentioned by the other contribu... 

The PAM355 and PAM161 are different watches but I don't consider them to be a "complete"

 By: AnthonyTsai : May 15th, 2011-19:00
set because there are some characteristics which IMO should be met before calling a pair of Radiomir and Luminor a "complete" set. One of my criteria would be for at least one of the watches to be a 47mm. In any case, it is about personal preference thoug... 


 By: playtime : May 16th, 2011-05:17
good call--any core collection of PAMs should reflect the history of the brand--and therefore should include one classic model, be that Radiomir ot Luminor--and one that is 47mm! J

but on second thought....

 By: playtime : May 16th, 2011-06:42
a 47mm case may well be too large for some wrists......


 By: cmmak : May 18th, 2011-05:30
Didnt expect it to be so wonderful

and.....another one bites the dust! LOL:)

 By: playtime : May 18th, 2011-06:03
welcome to the madness! J

both are less common choices on this forum

 By: playtime : May 16th, 2011-05:28
and in the eyes of a purist perhaps more modern pieces. That being said, however, keep in mind that the opinions expressed in this forum and others are the opinions of passionate advocates who luxuriate in the history and the details--a history that draws... 

it an unusual pair if you ask the purist here

 By: swjoseph : May 16th, 2011-07:34
I actually like 355 (and its precedent 98) but it won't be my first or only Panerai.

98 is my first pam, but definitely not my last...

 By: tim_fu : May 16th, 2011-09:52
372 will be my next pam, to complement my 232. Can't wait.