First piece 2019. Here something totally different. Pam779

Jan 06, 2019,16:20 PM

My AD held it for almost 2 month.   Just pick it up yesterday.  

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I like this. My AD had it but I am afraid it will scratch!

 By: ripper444 : January 6th, 2019-16:21
Soooo I passed up on it. Very cool piece though

Nice Piece...

 By: elliot55 : January 6th, 2019-16:32
... So unique. And a very cool strap. Congrats. Enjoy. - Scott

Enjoy It, i hope to have one too in 2019!

 By: thegrailwatch : January 6th, 2019-19:45

Congratulations! This is what I would get if I wanted a 44mm Luminor

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 6th, 2019-20:06
Only thing I would change is the Bund strap.

Yes, but the pain is that you have to remove the strap with the buckle end

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : January 7th, 2019-18:46
Either by removing the buckle or removing the strap itself. Always a risk of scratching the PVD either on the buckle or watch lugs when doing so, so a lot of masking tape prep is required.

πŸ˜‰ [nt]

 By: A.W : January 7th, 2019-15:30