Fiddy Friday again

Nov 29, 2019,11:46 AM

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What a beauty!

 By: Johnny. : November 29th, 2019-12:09
you like it more than the 721? Regards Johnny.

Nice couple

 By: Johnny. : November 29th, 2019-13:30
For me the crystal of the 127 is like no other, that’s why I love my 233 so much. But the 721 has a simplicity like no other. ...  

True. The 233 is an amazing watch. It’s a got replacement for the the 127.

 By: Ahoi : November 29th, 2019-13:38
Exactly. I really Like the simplicity of the 721 ...  

Agree 😊thx [nt]

 By: Ahoi : November 29th, 2019-12:29

I do too! [nt]

 By: Geo : November 29th, 2019-12:44

Perfect for me. [nt]

 By: amanico : November 29th, 2019-12:51

Glad u like it 😊 [nt]

 By: Ahoi : November 29th, 2019-22:45