Enjoying the last bit of the weekend on the deck.

Jul 19, 2021,02:34 AM

Trying to squeeze the last bit of leisurely time before the grind begins again. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Wearing a watch I haven’t worn in a long time and I’m glad I strapped the 62 to be chasing my kids around all weekend.

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Thanks Nico!

 By: jp884 : July 19th, 2021-15:40

First picture is very nice

 By: Flanker : July 19th, 2021-08:37
Panerai is always good companion, especially by the sea.

Excellent choice!

 By: chk : July 19th, 2021-10:16
I was not into watches when Panerai were a sales success, now I am quite fond of them. Wouldn't it be nice if our kids are as much into watches as we are? Chk

I think our kids will probably be into whatever we are into.

 By: jp884 : July 19th, 2021-15:45
My dad is really into watches and cars which is where I get my passion for them from. I assume my kids will be the same. My daughter has already claimed the purple Porsche as her own. ...  

Great watch

 By: Jurry : July 19th, 2021-17:48

Thanks Jurry!

 By: jp884 : July 19th, 2021-18:03
It is one I have always been fond of and the size is the major part of the fondness.