Blast from the Past: Panerai PAM 92 " Arktos ".

Mar 01, 2017,03:40 AM

Released as a limited edition of 500 pieces in 2004, this Arktos was the first opus linked to Mike Horn and Panerai. 

44 mm case, nice engraving on the case back, which was not very comfortable for the wrist, though, but a lovely watch, smelling adventures and exploits. 

A proto was made years before: 

And one of two years after the PaM 92, the PAM 252, another Panerai used by Mike Horn, bit with a GMT, called " North Pole ". 

Credit picture for these last two unknown. But they will be credited upon request for sure. 

These 3 have a 44 mm case, and at least for the Arktos, water resistant to 300 meters. 

I used to own the PAM 92, and liked it a lot for what it was, a pleasant companion. 



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As you said: "smelling adventures and exploits"

 By: Horological_addict : March 1st, 2017-04:01
Which are missing on their latest release "Pole2Pole". Anyway, that's another story... The 92 has the look of a real tool watch, forged for the adventure. However the cyclop isn't my cup of tea. I had a crush for the Panerai 186. But again, the cyclop....... 

loved it :) during my skiing ....

 By: P@trick@Belgium : March 1st, 2017-11:40

Of course you knew...

 By: sergio : March 2nd, 2017-02:31
This time, though, I'll ask a question: "What's likeable about this model?" I'm pretty sure the "Florentines" would have never come up with such a monstruosity

Forgive me, my friend, but...

 By: sergio : March 2nd, 2017-13:21
it's a bit hard for me to think that the biggest "lover" of the the world...could even remotely like the lump LOL

LOL!!! [nt]

 By: amanico : March 2nd, 2017-13:32