Awesome Phil...once you put one on they are quite hard to take off...

Dec 18, 2010,06:41 AM

It's a slippery slope once you cross ;-)

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had a rare opportunity...

 By: ocwatching : December 17th, 2010-07:54
at a small GTG last night here to slip this beauty on my wrist...6152-1 WOW is the only thing that I can say... its pretty neat to have a piece of history on your wrist...thought you all would enjoy... sorry for the poor phone photos with flash...the plac...  


 By: i_am_Sam : December 17th, 2010-08:12

Ahhh, beautiful watch...

 By: patrick_y : December 17th, 2010-09:44

LUCKY you mate

 By: aldossari_faisal : December 17th, 2010-10:01

OMG: Ifeel happy you tried it on..but I bet you felt sad when you took it off...

 By: Miranda : December 17th, 2010-11:11
what a piece, thanks for shearing your moment with us

the owner had to pry the piece off of me...

 By: ocwatching : December 17th, 2010-11:35
it was amazingly comfortable, good balance and felt right at home on my wrist...the patina, the plexi, WOW and to think of the history behind it... the lum was interesting as well..we had a flash light and the lum would stay lit for like a couple of minut... 

do you think the 1950 Fiddy is a good compensation..

 By: Miranda : December 17th, 2010-13:48
for this rare and superlative vintage?

Love it

 By: Hororgasm : December 17th, 2010-12:57
The owner kept it in that condition? Is it a daily wearer? Thks fr sharing

A vintage Pam ay

 By: BluNotte : December 17th, 2010-14:27

Look awesome on your wrist!

 By: Mech : December 17th, 2010-17:35
I'm sure the feeling must be magical!? These are radium watches right? Just wondering the risk of wearing them on the daily basis? I've read articles on radium watches, but I'm not sure a wearer should exercise caution wearing and servicing them? Can any ... 

This particular watch is tritium not radium

 By: Asimut : December 18th, 2010-22:03
and the discontinue of using radium was mostly due to occupational safety of those applying the paint (lookup 'radium girls' in wiki). For the same reason tritium is now mostly banned as well. That doesn't mean I would strap on an old radium depth gauge f... 

Thanks Asi for the clarification...

 By: Mech : December 18th, 2010-22:08
while we're on this topic, what's the readings on the geiger counter of the respective radium and tritium watches which are safe to wear? be it daily or weekly basis? how often do you wear your radium watches in this respect of safety Asi? Kindly share? C... 

Awesome Phil...once you put one on they are quite hard to take off...

 By: Marc(Cap) : December 18th, 2010-06:41
It's a slippery slope once you cross ;-)...  

These vintage seduce you, take your heart... leave you wanting more..

 By: Miranda : December 18th, 2010-07:02
like a beautiful women you see for a moment then she is gone....

Well not for me...mine is on my wrist right now ;-)

 By: Marc(Cap) : December 18th, 2010-14:31
It not only seduced got me ;--)

history indeed!

 By: playtime : December 18th, 2010-10:16

The real mac coy!

 By: amanico : December 18th, 2010-23:01
Beauty, strenght, soul, sensuality. Nothing can beat that, at the exception, for me, of a 6154 or a " 4 lines ". Trying one is always an intense moment of pleasure. Seeing this one through your pics was not bad, too! Best, Nicolas.

I just wish..

 By: ocwatching : December 19th, 2010-19:04

Handsome grandpa. [nt]

 By: VMM : December 20th, 2010-01:59