After almost 9 years I’m happy to get back to Panerai

May 16, 2023,20:56 PM

Used to be quite the “paneristi” back in the day, but like many others I didn’t like many of the brand moves over the past years, sold most of the collection and moved on to other brands. 

Fast forward to WW23 and was very impressed by this piece and today I decided to buy it. Really like the dial and the size is just perfect. Reminds me of the good old paneristi days 

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I think it's one of the best offerings they have!

 By: InHavenPro : May 16th, 2023-21:07
Great, sensibly sized case, and nicely colored minimalist dial equals a truly attractive Panerai! Cheers, thank you for the pictures! Filip

This the one I posted a couple weeks ago or so…

 By: ArmisT : May 16th, 2023-22:08
but you’re the first to show live shots. It really is a clean, classic dial. And especially with you knowing your Panerais, it says a lot that you would get it. Looks great!

Very nice trio.

 By: ArmisT : May 17th, 2023-02:26
Seeing them like this, I’m more partial to the grey dial.

Congrats, yes a very nice variant.

 By: RayStantzPhD : May 17th, 2023-06:32
Had the chance to try the blue one recently and was very positively impressed. Cheers, Alex


 By: pessoa00 : May 17th, 2023-16:00
I think there is a lot to like about this trio: - normal steel case (still have a hard time to understand e-steel and other variants), - sensible size for a militaire inspired radiomir - IMO 47mm is too big for non-hardcore fans and 42 / 40mm are more cla... 

Welcome bac to the Paneristi flock. (I did excactly the same as you.)

 By: Moka-Tiger (Ron) : May 18th, 2023-13:13
I went to visit my AD guy just yesterday, and he showed me these 3 in the pic above. I liked this one the best of the bunch, although it is a hard choice to make because they all look special. The brown dial is just fantastic and stood out in my view. Gre... 

Cool looking piece

 By: yming : May 21st, 2023-05:24
Here is my 1334.. I love the patina case and grey dial, blue hands, beige lume combo.. everything seems to fit ...  

Very nice dial and watch!

 By: MTR : May 21st, 2023-09:56
Enjoy it. All the best Thomas P.S.: I also found the way back to Panerai after years in which I had turned away.

I love that dial and the case. Congratulations to that beauty.

 By: Ahoi : May 26th, 2023-21:35
I believe I would prefer it in 47mm but 45mm is actually perfect

Hehehe… the 47mm times are over 😌

 By: Ahoi : May 27th, 2023-06:15
Especially the new green cali should be in a 47mm…45mm will sell better so the decision was easy I guess …


 By: amanico : May 27th, 2023-06:34