You've done a great job Ken as it doesnt look squished! nt :)

Aug 08, 2013,13:26 PM


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392 on a JV strap

 By: Kenli729 : August 7th, 2013-22:17

Looks great!

 By: amandagw : August 8th, 2013-06:01
Is that a OEM 22mm JV or a 24mm squished into the lugs? I didn't think Panerai made a 22/20 JV :)


 By: Kenli729 : August 8th, 2013-07:59
unfortunately, it's a 24 squished into the 22mm lugs. It turned out a little better than expected, but i don't think i would have purchased the strap just to try it out.

Looks great

 By: AnthonyTsai : August 8th, 2013-16:47
I wouldn't have known it was a squished 24mm strap just from looking at the pictures. Looks like a perfect fit IMO. Cheers, Anthony

Wrist size?

 By: fido : August 20th, 2013-09:33
Beautiful watch!may i know your wrist size?i have a small wrist (6.3 inch) so pam 392 is one of my (logical) options for 1st pam..did you conisder pam 111 or 177?

re: wrist size

 By: Kenli729 : August 20th, 2013-10:26
My wrist is about the same size. I did not consider the 111 as i prefer a brushed finish. I'm going to try on a 177 shortly, but did not initially consider it. The 392 was a very comfortable fit on my tiny wrists.