Jan 07, 2013,07:50 AM

I think we'll see more of this case shape, probably without seconds at 9, to differentiate it from the 399, in SS. Although not preferable to me, Panerai may put a PIG on it too, like the 425.   

I would't be surprised with a 47mm, SS case, p3000 rad. That would give you a nice line of p3000 47mm "Historic/ Base pieces" in SS. 

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Now that SIHH 2013 is around the corner, which new model will be a realistic possibility?

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 5th, 2013-10:24
I think a redialed PAM372 will be a huge possiblity. Maybe a tobacco dialed PAM372 version. Or maybe another black dialed PAM372 with white luminova instead of faux vintage patina luminova. What you think all? This is a thread on realistic models, not "dr...  

I expect

 By: patrickh : January 5th, 2013-10:43
a new steel "PAM 399" with a cal P3001. I would like to have this PR on the back. Answer in a couple of weeks ;-)) Patrickh

New 372 and similar Radiomir

 By: Stefan2 : January 5th, 2013-12:14
I agree with Anthony that an updated 372 (with sapphire) is realistic. Also, i would expect a base 47mm Radiomir with engraved lettering, faux patina dial, and 3-day in-house manual movement would be in order.

Hope so

 By: HDHNTER : January 15th, 2013-22:23
The possibility of a 47mm base, plexi, in-house rad release is the only reason I haven't picked up a 232 & as a 372 owner, I would love to see O be the final series... atleast with Plexi... enough are out there.

I wouldn't touch the dial of the 372. I would simply...

 By: sergio : January 5th, 2013-15:05
improve it by producing the new batch with a solid back, instead of the skeletoned one. Too many people don't like the "open" back :) Other than that, I also, wouldn't mind a 47mm SS Radiomir with a 379 dial (which I find...spectacular) with Panerai engra... 


 By: flamenco : January 5th, 2013-20:01
And not make it SE ... so that mortal folks like myself can buy it .... not from flippers !


 By: patrickh : January 6th, 2013-00:04
It is a dream watch for many of us. Could it become a reality in 2013?

Yes, they could, but the question is would they?

 By: amanico : January 6th, 2013-00:41
And not many people know what is a 6154, which is good. Best, Nicolas


 By: brett_nyc : January 7th, 2013-07:50
I think we'll see more of this case shape, probably without seconds at 9, to differentiate it from the 399, in SS. Although not preferable to me, Panerai may put a PIG on it too, like the 425. I would't be surprised with a 47mm, SS case, p3000 rad. That w... 

I heard rumours about another bronze

 By: Bruno.M1 : January 6th, 2013-00:52
And after all what we've heard that the 382 would be unique, a very special edition, etc .... this would be a shame So I wait and if this will indeed be true I 'm pretty sure I will so dissapointed that my interest in this brand will be VERY low. In that ... 

That would not be a shame, that just would be normal.

 By: amanico : January 6th, 2013-01:04
We are used to that, with Panerai... And after all, it hurts at the beginning, after it is ok. :) After all, do we buy watches for their beauty, or because they are LEs? Best, my friend. Nicolas

for both reasons

 By: Bruno.M1 : January 6th, 2013-03:00
for their beauty but somethimes because they are collectible. Would you like it if Patek decide to make 2000 5070's G extra ? I don't think so. You bought it because you like it but I'm sure it's rarity is important too.

Really, I wouldn't care if Patek decided to make more 5070G.

 By: amanico : January 6th, 2013-03:05
At the contrary, it would amuse me to see how many " collectors " will keep it in their collection. Somehow, it would make people buyt it for a good reason, the watch in itself, and not because it is " rare " or " collectible ". Or because it is written "... 

well, I have a different opinion I guess

 By: Bruno.M1 : January 6th, 2013-04:05
those that wanted one had 10 years time to buy a 5070. I don't think it would be a good idea if they relaunched this reference. this is what makes some models or brands special. An AP EOD, a red 1680 sub, ... imo a bad idea if they would decide to remake ... 

A bit less when it comes to the 5070 " G ", but I do get your point.

 By: amanico : January 6th, 2013-04:11
And I am always intrigued to see a watch, like an Artist, knowing a warmer welcome and success when discontinued / dead.... Best, Nicolas

These rumors are louder than a screaming...

 By: sergio : January 6th, 2013-01:49
jet engine. Not something along the lines of THE Bronzo (not a Submersible's case) but a 44mm Luminor case made of..bronze. As Nicolas, poingnantly pointed out, nothing would surprise me, either. Panerai brings out unique models and then...dilutes...them ... 

like you said, it's limited untill they decide to make another series

 By: Bruno.M1 : January 6th, 2013-03:01
How long do you think die hard Panerai collectors will accept this BS ?

I can't give you an answer, unfortunately....

 By: sergio : January 6th, 2013-07:26
everyone has it's own personal threshold for...masochism. Think that I bought a 373 and rejoice you didn't. After the 373 (the cost of which, went up...TWICE...during production and after they...INCREASED...the number of pieces from 199 to 300) they made ... 


 By: Jester : January 11th, 2013-11:27
They've been running with this BS for almost 15yrs now and we're still here, crawling all over their new releases... In fact, I said it long ago that I will not be buying any new Panerai but guess what? :-)

I think

 By: luchiong : January 6th, 2013-02:12
this year, panerai will bring us some chronograph model instead of historic lines. Maybe a new movement base on p3000 which modified with chronograph functions or, retired the old trusty 6497, by replace the p999 into current historic lines.........

Reedition of 203? [nt]

 By: Mirian : January 6th, 2013-05:37

I'd love to see a PAM203 variant w/ the P.3000 movement

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 6th, 2013-20:08
As a PAM203 owner, it wouldn't bother me to see another rendition of the PAM203 using the P.3000. How do other PAM203 owners here feel? Cheers, Anthony

The real question is would you care if …

 By: Miranda : January 9th, 2013-01:10
They used the existing or maybe more Angelus mvt in a 203 Now that would be interestin, not a 203 with a 3000 You may get more responses from 203 owners then :) Best Imran

Not a 203 owner but...

 By: darrony : January 10th, 2013-00:37
Since 203 is my favorite panerai I would love to see 203 with 2002 movement. Would 203 owners care then? I just want an 8 giorni dial with seconds and all four of the numbers. I could even accept as a 44 1950.... Would this incArnation bother 203 owners? ... 

But what IS a 203

 By: Jester : January 14th, 2013-05:42
without the vintage Angelus movement? To me the true essence of PAM203 is the fact that it's made with a true vintage movement. Essentially a vintage Panerai with full factory service and full provenance. So a 47mm Luminor case w/ any movement OTHER than ... 

and not a 25K Minerva LOL

 By: Bruno.M1 : January 6th, 2013-06:10
But I agree, that watch with a 7750 or even a Panerai chrono movement and I would consider it

Bronze Mare Nostrum in 42mm

 By: patrickh : January 6th, 2013-07:24
as this strap size (ref) is already reported in the strap section on the OP official site ;-))

Chaps from Steinhart already made....

 By: sergio : January 8th, 2013-17:36
A bronze MN wannabe with a nice 382's like green dial :-)

Just discover these photos on their web site

 By: patrickh : January 10th, 2013-11:50
in 44mm and 48mm (LE). . Thanks for your information regardin g this model. Wait to discover SIHH 2013 in few days now

with photos

 By: patrickh : January 10th, 2013-11:54
credit from DON taken on their web site ...  

destro 372 w/ brown dial!

 By: Jester : January 11th, 2013-11:24

my bankmanager hopes none ....

 By: P@trick@Belgium : January 16th, 2013-10:33
and to be honnest after about 500 based for 99% on 2 models (lum and rad) i quietly hope they don't bring out something 'lookalike' as they did in the past, a completely 'new' model would be favorite in any case ;)