"Prey" of course;-)

Jan 10, 2022,19:48 PM

Why do I refuse to wear eyeglasses!

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Panerai Vintage Compass and Depth Gauge.

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2022-16:36
It is not something you see every day, that's for sure. I took these pictures some 14 years ago, in Paris. If I was lucky enough to own a vintage Panerai, that is the kind of tool I would love to get. Best, Nicolas ...  

Here is something else. Bottom left, a Mare Nostrum.

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2022-17:44
From Ferretti's collection: Credit picture unknown: I will happily credit on request. ...  

That's some pray a real collector must hunt!

 By: Mary Anny : January 10th, 2022-17:50
I'm not a huge fan of Panerai watches but I'm beginning to learn about them at least. Thanks for sharing Nicolas!

"Prey" of course;-)

 By: Mary Anny : January 10th, 2022-19:48
Why do I refuse to wear eyeglasses!

Why??? :))))

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2022-21:11

Too lazy!

 By: Mary Anny : January 11th, 2022-05:24


 By: amanico : January 11th, 2022-07:27

Don't know whether you're aware of those guys' videos on Youtube...

 By: Mary Anny : January 12th, 2022-10:09
About magic boxes from the fifties, around minute 34: www.youtube.com


 By: Mary Anny : January 13th, 2022-08:16

I saw the compass,

 By: Juliusotto : January 10th, 2022-17:52
In downtown Barcelona ,two months ago,exhibited together with the big 50mm Egiziano ,both on those vintage dry leather straps,must admit I couldn’t see nothing else after

I really, really want to buy the modern iteration of these

 By: MZHammer : December 21st, 2022-12:44
Just to wear for diving for fun, but they're a bit much for an obsolete compass www.panerai.com