Russian President

Feb 01, 2022,19:16 PM

Is this a Blancpain? (Pic credit to BBC)

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I don't have an answer but one question...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : February 1st, 2022-22:08
Why should we care?

a very good question :)

 By: @lberti : March 1st, 2022-10:37


 By: Geo : March 8th, 2022-19:40

yes, seems to be his favorite watch. Blancpain Leman Grande Date, 40mm circa 2005. Worn it for years and has given one away....

 By: DouglasM : February 4th, 2022-17:53
I recall an article five or so years ago that said he was touring some sort of manufacturing facility, when a random worker he was talking to commented that he liked his watch. Putin took it off and gifted it to the man on the spot.

What is old Bob rocking ?

 By: winther502 : February 10th, 2022-18:16
Yours Jacob/Copenhagen ...