Brazen heist yesterday at a Ginza shop specializing in new and vintage Rolexes

May 09, 2023,06:51 AM

The robbery occurred yesterday in the middle of Tokyo on one of the main streets of the ritzy Ginza area at around 6:30 p.m. -- some 30 minutes before dusk -- in front of startled bystanders, office workers and tourists, many of whom managed to get the whole smash and grab and subsequent escape of the perpetrators by minivan on their iPhones. 

Some of the bystanders reportedly thought that it was a movie scene being filmed, as all of the crooks were all dressed in matching black and wearing white masks.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and 4 of the perpetrators (all teens aged between 16 ~19!) were caught within 30 minutes, according to news channels, after they took a turn into a cul de sac and were quickly located and taken into custody by police, despite trying to flee into a neighboring apartment building.  Another individual of an unknown age is still at large.  Some 30 of the stolen Rolexes were recovered, but it's unclear whether more may be missing.

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