That is really great. That's the weakest point of most perpetual calendars. [nt]

Jan 20, 2019,06:41 AM

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SIHH 2019: Montblanc Heritage Perpetual Calendar.

 By: amanico : January 20th, 2019-04:34
Montblanc unveiled some interesting watches, this year. Let me start with the Montblanc Heritage Perpetual Calendar. It is not THE Star of the collection, but still, it is a good looking watch with an interesting movement. Aesthetically, the case is super...  

Hi Nicolas...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 20th, 2019-04:50
thanks for your efforts in doing this review. The hands a a problem for me. I just don’t like them. It’s a mismatch of style.

;) [nt]

 By: amanico : January 20th, 2019-05:50

LOL [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 20th, 2019-05:56

I think Montblanc has a big winner here

 By: iadxb : January 20th, 2019-05:13
A very handsome combining the most useful perpetual calendar and GMT functions. I like the well proportioned subdials and the Minerva inspired design a lot. Last but not least, a very reasonable asking price compared to similar offerings. Between the two,... 

A very competitive perpetual calendar just like you said. I like it, quite a bit actually.

 By: Pour le Mérite : January 20th, 2019-05:26
The movement is made by ValFleurier but only for Montblanc. You can set all functions with the crown, back and forth. The steel version retails for 15,000 € and the gold for like 24,000 € which is immensely comnpetitive!

How are pushers faster if theres is quick set on every function?

 By: Pour le Mérite : January 20th, 2019-05:42
Or maybe I have some difficulties to fully understand...

Okay, I researched a bit and the date function definitely has quick set. I don't know about the others as I can't find the orginal source.

 By: Pour le Mérite : January 20th, 2019-06:35
But I can add another information with a safety mechanism for the date so it can be set at any time.


 By: COUNT DE MONET : January 20th, 2019-06:06
Very impressive. Only draw back for me: 38 mm would have made it perfect. However, considering the price and the practical setting, it is a very good watch!👍

Thanks for the review Nicolas!

 By: Peripeteia : January 20th, 2019-13:15
I think the watches look great... very retro, very 1950's! Actually the hands look almost exactly like the Longines Triple Date from the 1950's. My only gripe is with the logo which is too modern looking and not in keeping with the vintage spirit of the w...  

A good offer..

 By: Echi : January 20th, 2019-21:22
I'm with you about the hands. I think it's just a bit too modern given the otherwise classical layout. Indeed, leaf hands would've been better. While I still prefer the JLC esp in black dial configuration, this is quite a good offer from MB. What does tha... 

Third hand (skeleton) is GMT.

 By: jomni1 : January 20th, 2019-21:45
It’s not only a PC but also a GMT. Now that you have mentioned it, is there a seconds hand?

Thanks for the info! (Nt)

 By: Echi : January 20th, 2019-21:47

This SIHH 2019 was the year of the perpetual calendar...

 By: patrick_y : January 22nd, 2019-11:35
Vacheron Constantin's two awesome perpetual calendars.... Baume et Mercier's in-house perpetual calendar that is quite handsome. And Montblanc's two in-house perpetual calendars that are also in house. The Gold Version is supposed to be around 25,000 SFr ... 

Certainly a huge step forward!

 By: KMII : February 2nd, 2019-22:02
The balance dial side is a great improvement in my eyes and the movement a definite step in the right direction. I personally prefer the steel and see your point on the hands. Non luminous leaf hands would be a good idea IMHO, as would a thinner case but ...