Service charge for Nicholas Rieussec

Dec 03, 2018,07:12 AM

Hi all,

I was just quoted by Selfridges London for a service on my Nicholas Rieussec (date wheel not moving) which seemed rather high to me. I wonder if anyone who has had a Montblanc service recently in the UK would be kind enough to PM me for a quick chat?

Many thanks and your time is much appreciated.
Chi Kai

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I'm curious too.

 By: Todd B. : December 3rd, 2018-11:09
I'd be curious as to your quote. I have a Montblanc Greytech that magically stopped working just outside the warranty period and I need it serviced to figure out why it just stopped working. I do have to say this is my second GreyTech I've owned. The firs... 

They quoted me...

 By: chikai168 : December 4th, 2018-05:30
They quoted me £950 for the service and then £1130 for a dial replacement (optional). As an in-house mono-pusher chronograph, I gathered it will not be cheap but I was thinking closer to £750..... perhaps I am just not up to date/ naive with servicing pri...