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Jan 14, 2019,10:14 AM

Need everyone's thoughts here...

My Timewalker Greytech magically stopped working a few months ago. I just took it to a local jeweler who works on high end watches to get an idea as to why it stopped working. Apparently, the main spring broke. Not sure how this happened as I work in an office and never hit or damage my timepieces against furniture, walls etc. I will say that when I first bought the Greytech it magically stopped working after one month of light use. I took it back to the boutique (as it was still under warranty) and they were able to procure me another Greytech. Now this one has stopped as well however, the warranty expired two years ago. Either way, the local jewelry store is giving me an estimate of $1,200 to replace the main string, clean overhaul and adjust the watch. Imagine my surprise to 1) find a piece such as this had a spring break and 2) the price for repair. Now we all have shared our horror stories with Montblanc customer service and attempts at sending our watches back to LeLocle for repair. This is one reason why I was attempting to use a trusted local jeweler who I have done business with before. Does the $1,200 repair seem out of line? Thoughts? As much advice here will certainly be appreciated. I do have to say though my thoughts on purchasing another Montblanc watch have been tarnished. I own 7 Montblanc watches and 3 of the 7 have had defects, this is just the first one I've had to deal with outside of the warranty period. Again, any thoughts, opinions welcomed.


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It sounds a bit high to me

 By: cazalea : January 14th, 2019-11:46
Maybe he’s just covering himself in case of complications. Montblanc might do it for less. You should ask. Cazalea

I would sooner let my GMC dealer work on a watch than Montblanc. WORST service in the industry.

 By: MichaelC : January 14th, 2019-20:06
I'm quite certain my diesel mechanic would have done a better job on my broken 1858 than the "watchmakers" in Switzerland. Pay your local guy whatever he wants and save yourself lots of frustration.