New version of slit second chronograph for Singapore market

Dec 09, 2020,07:14 AM

Dear All,

Just saw this red fume dial version of MB split second chronograph for Singapore market.
I find it very attractive, though the dial is lacquer and not enamel.
Case material is titanium, same as the blue enamel one. 
May I have your thoughts on this?

Photo credits: Sincere Fine Watch SG

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I am in love!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : December 9th, 2020-07:19

Looks very good!

 By: J K : December 9th, 2020-07:29


 By: keks : December 9th, 2020-08:33
Love the fact it is titanium as well


 By: keks : December 9th, 2020-14:48
I personally like titanium on larger diameter pieces as they become more comfortable... the blue enamel version you mentioned is it in steel?

Interesting to see this collaboration piece - looks good so far

 By: penfriend : December 9th, 2020-08:39
There was already a LE8 about one year ago exclusively for the Mexican market in bronze case and green dial of this split second chronograph.

I didn't know that one!

 By: amanico : December 9th, 2020-09:45

The Mexican LE8 is sold out

 By: penfriend : February 10th, 2021-03:08
I tried to get one...

oh no, I did not get one....

 By: penfriend : February 10th, 2021-03:24

Thanks, fume dials are always popular, perhaps starting from Moser?

 By: joenghenry : December 9th, 2020-09:10
44mm is indeed a bit big, But the dark periphery of fume dial helps make it look smaller, i think.

How limited is this one?

 By: amanico : December 9th, 2020-09:25


 By: amanico : December 10th, 2020-22:28

fume red is less expensive and lacquered

 By: penfriend : December 9th, 2020-09:35
the green one has a jade dial and same price as the blue one

Jade is top!

 By: amanico : December 9th, 2020-09:46

Similar price as the blue enamel one. around USD 37000. The fume red is just lacquer, not enamel.

 By: joenghenry : December 9th, 2020-09:36
Will have clicked the button right away if it were enamel.....

Price point is still excellent value for money

 By: beerstyle : December 9th, 2020-15:56
Besides its only 8 pieces. and in Singapore national color. I own the bronze version and have absolutely no regrets. Happy to let you see mine this weekend if you are at Sincere for the event.

both are very small country editions which is ok imho

 By: penfriend : December 9th, 2020-09:34
as pricing is not different than the LE100 and simply depends on the dial work; Montblanc sometimes does certain country editions also with fountain pens which are only available in the countries/regions; I would rather mind when both were LE100 thus floo... 

btw - nice strap ;-)

 By: penfriend : December 9th, 2020-09:40


 By: amanico : December 9th, 2020-09:45

That colour works.👍

 By: BeckyJax1 : December 9th, 2020-15:20

Beautiful dial

 By: s031746 : December 11th, 2020-17:52
The moderate yet classy look of the titanium should ease and blend very well with the red dial. You will definitely love the Minerva movement.

There is a greater degree of harmony between the dial and the handset

 By: jmpTT : December 11th, 2020-20:57
This version just seems a bit more assured in its appearance than its blue dialed sibling.