Montblanc Heritage Pulsograph LE 100 Pieces Steel Salmon ( 2019 ).

Feb 02, 2021,00:31 AM

Long time I didn't post one of these Montblanc Minerva Chronographs. The truth is that I am preparing a 5th anniversary post for March on my 1858 Tachymeter. 

But this is not the only chronograph which is worth some serious consideration. 

I am very happy with my Cal 16.29 Chronograph, but there is also some place for a Cal 13.21, which has the good taste to be smaller, hence housed in a smaller case ( 40 mm ). 

Among the 13.21, there is this one, the Heritage Pulsograph LE 100 Pieces Steel Salmon, issued in 2019:




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they brand the movement as Minerva very explicitly

 By: penfriend : February 2nd, 2021-02:46
And so they pay tribute to the heritage but they also develop cases and dials. Furthermore I guess it would be strange to sell watches without any direct brand reference to Montblanc throughout their boutiques, events and fairs (being their most important... 

+1. Agreed. Totally.

 By: amanico : February 2nd, 2021-02:52

I am having in mind Berthoux and Zenith for example

 By: agyzace : February 2nd, 2021-03:04
I think it can be done and I am pretty confident collectors would prefer Minerva branding vs a mix of BP with Minerva movement. But hey, thatโ€™s me ๐Ÿ˜Š

surely there are many collectors who would prefer that, agreed

 By: penfriend : February 2nd, 2021-04:10
On the other hand: one of the main target groups for these limited watches (and there are some which go up to 300k Euro at the moment) are Montblanc fountain pen collectors. Belonging to this group for more than 10 years I can report that there are two or... 

Thanks for sharing these interesting insights!

 By: agyzace : February 2nd, 2021-09:29
The model must work for MB, and thatโ€™s the most important thing for them I assume. The most important is that they continue creating such nice pieces. The rest is secondary. Thanks again, Alex


 By: penfriend : February 2nd, 2021-10:01
And I guess it is a safe path to initially offer new product lines to an existing and loyal customer base. For the rest of the watch collectors time will show but I am very happy that I purchased some of these models. It also took me some years to make th... 

Fully agree. It is wonderful that they keep these treasures in approachable levels

 By: agyzace : February 2nd, 2021-10:25
And beautiful products too. All the best, Alex


 By: amanico : February 2nd, 2021-15:49

I agree totally too

 By: singingbee : February 2nd, 2021-03:26

Looking forward to your 5th anniversary post on the 1858 Tachymeter

 By: singingbee : February 2nd, 2021-03:24
Very interested to hear your thoughts on the watch after owning it for 5 years. Any new found loves or dislikes for the watch?


 By: Watcholic_id : February 2nd, 2021-06:11
So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pics, Nico

A brother saying hi.

 By: KL670 : February 2nd, 2021-13:32

Look at this beauty!

 By: amanico : February 2nd, 2021-15:46