Montblanc 1858 Rattrapante in titanium

May 18, 2023,16:43 PM

Quick shot of my latest piece. Had to make a painful sacrifice to get this one but I think it was worth it! Will write more about my thoughts later.

Chi Kai

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Thank you

 By: chikai168 : May 19th, 2023-06:54
It was indeed! I am all Smiles about it.

Worth it!

 By: patrick_y : May 18th, 2023-16:54
Great choice!


 By: chikai168 : May 19th, 2023-06:54
Thank you. I am very pleased with it!

Thank you mom ami

 By: chikai168 : May 19th, 2023-06:55
Your posts about this one actually inspired me to get it!


 By: chikai168 : May 19th, 2023-07:56
I knew about this watch from the usual news outlets but it is usually the in-depth conversations we have at WPS that really lures me in. Many times conversations started by you my friend! I am sad to say (and you won’t like it!) that I have to let go of m... 

My first grand feu enamel

 By: chikai168 : May 19th, 2023-06:57
And I can see why they are so loved. Really wonderful effect on the blue.


 By: chikai168 : May 19th, 2023-06:57

A favorite ref

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 19th, 2023-00:40
The rattrapante and cool blue enamel dial are awesome.

Congratulations on a wonderful pick up!

 By: jp884 : May 19th, 2023-03:02
From one owner to the next enjoy that one! ...  

Thank you!

 By: chikai168 : May 19th, 2023-06:58
We should do a roll call!

Definitely a keeper

 By: wychiu : May 19th, 2023-09:31