Minerva 1527 Chronograph. Having some relations is always good.

Nov 17, 2019,14:32 PM

Some years ago, I took pictures of this vintage Minerva Chronograph... 

And I wondered if it was not a Minerva dial mounted in a Jardur Case, with a Jardur bezel. 

Till... Recently, when a good friend and an editor asked for some pictures in hi resolution of this Chronograph. I shared my doubts with him, and he sent me this ad: 

It is clearly the same case and bezel! Now it doesn't have a tachymeter, but maybe it also existed with a tachymeter? Who knows... The hands don't look correct, though. But there are no more doubts about the case and the bezel. 

Here is a Jardur Chronograph, to show you why I had some doubts: 

We learn everyday! 



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My pleasure, Catulle. [nt]

 By: amanico : November 17th, 2019-23:19

My first thoughts were the same as yours - a Minerva dial in a Jardur case.

 By: cholack : November 17th, 2019-22:56
How interesting this ad is! Perhaps not unusual though, given how back in the heyday of watch making all supply chains were not monopolized