Let's come back on a Montlblanc 2016 Novelty: 4810 Orbis Terrarum Pocket Watch.

Mar 30, 2016,14:22 PM

Montlbanc released a series of watches to celebrate the 110th birthday of the brand. 

Among them, two new Orbis Terrarum, a 43 mm wristwatch with a colorful dial, and this pocket watch. 

You will notice that the city ring is not organized the same way than on the wristwatch:


A pocket watch with some generous dimensions, to say the least: 53 mm big, 16, 80 high. 

When it can be problematic for a wrist watch to be that big and thick, it is not an issue for a pocket watch... A pocket watch which can also be a desk clock due to a lever located on the backside: 

My first thought was to regret the absence of a hunter case back, but on a second thought, I felt it was not that important, because, like in the wristwatch version, the movement housed is a Sellita with a modular world time, the Cal MB 29.20, an automatic movement beating at 28800 vibrations per hour, with a 42 hours power reserve. Nothing exceptional, but accurate and reliable. 

Here are the two pictures I took during my trip in Hamburg:


I quite like this pocket watch. I find it brings some additional romantisme to a complication which is already, by nature, romantic. 

If you travel in a cruiser... Or if you want a nice object on your desk... 




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I wonder why the International Date Line is not 180 degrees from Greenwich

 By: cazalea : March 30th, 2016-16:02
Shouldn't they be on opposite sides of the globe, more or less? And thus opposite sides of the dial, since they are 12 hours apart? In the pictures Greenwich is at 6 but the date line is at 11 or so Cazalea ...  

Interesting point...

 By: KMII : March 30th, 2016-17:08
Wonder why it is so on the pocket watch?

Have no idea, Mike. [nt]

 By: amanico : March 30th, 2016-22:32

Lots of charming details

 By: KMII : March 30th, 2016-17:12
The different format allows for quite some nice details, such as at least indicating the half hour time zones, replacing Paris & London with Hamburg and Southampton, etc. I\'m confident they should be able to sell the 110 pieces, even if pocket watches ar... 

If I want a pocket watch as an accessory and companion

 By: jrwong23 : March 30th, 2016-17:43
This will be the one! Vintage ones are charming but I am afraid of servicing. This one is great for travels and also for work as it can be a desk clock Thanks for the lovely shots Nico. I have not seen any novelties from Montblanc yet and I look forward t... 

It can be quite dandiesque to travel with such a watch in the pocket. I quite like this idea. ;)

 By: amanico : March 30th, 2016-22:38
As for MB novelties, I am confident you will soon see them in the flesh, the other pocket watch, the tourbillon cylindrique, will certainly get all your attention. Best, my dear Robin. Nicolas

that case is splendid in looking

 By: leighapfraise : March 31st, 2016-01:12
the design in that pocket watch is very amazing. what's the inspiration in manufacturing that watch. i ma curious

Desk top clock

 By: penfriend : November 28th, 2019-05:55
So this one is serving us as a desk top clock - a very handsome piece of art and I look at it very often. Due to its weight you can also use it for self-defense when locked to its chain ;-) ...  

It was a real beast in terms of dimensions.

 By: amanico : November 28th, 2019-09:35
53 mm: ...