Has anyone ever played with the Star Chrono GMT Perpetual Calendar

Apr 12, 2009,18:24 PM

released in 2006 in celebration of Montblanc's 100th Anniversary? 


I think its base is a Valjoux 7750 which obviously has undergone a tremendous amount of modifications similar to the IWC Davinci series.  In fact the styling reminds me of this model as well. 

 Even more interesting would be if anyone has actually seen the one of three specimens produced in platinum.

Cheers,  Mike

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Nope never seen one of these before

 By: AnthonyTsai : April 12th, 2009-19:53
I wonder why the Date button next to the crown is on opposing sides of the crown in these 2 models. Anyone know why? Cheers, Anthony

 By: Bob A. : August 13th, 2023-20:55
That is not a DATE button. It is a patented crown lock. When you read the words DATE, you can pull the crown out to set the date/time/gmt. Rotate that lever downward, and all you can do is wind the watch. I have the non-perpetual model of this Montblanc

The platinum one looks cool. [nt]

 By: DRMW : April 13th, 2009-08:07
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Yup, but I think the skeletonization will make it hard to read.

 By: mkt33 : April 13th, 2009-18:37
Need to see it in real life. Anyone know where I can find this limited edition of three? Best, Mike

have been offered opportunity to acquire one ....

 By: netforce : October 25th, 2013-06:51
Hi all, Have asked the MB Boutique where to find a MB star chrono gmt perpetual. As it was released in 2006, only one YG example was auctioned in 2007 and I assumed that all pieces are already sold out long ago (limited edition). To my surprise, the MB bo...  

Its the patented corwn lock mechanism

 By: mkt33 : October 31st, 2013-05:54
Hi JB, The "button" you see on opposite sides of the crown is the unique Montblanc patented locking mechanism. That is why on some pictures it is seen differently. Here is a profile shot and I hope you will understand (US patent # 7404669B2). It allows th...