Definitely agree Nico

Dec 17, 2020,04:44 AM

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At the “Devil’s playground”

 By: singingbee : December 17th, 2020-04:00
With the Villeret Vintage Pulsographe ...  

Definitely agree Nico

 By: singingbee : December 17th, 2020-04:44
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Thanks mate

 By: singingbee : December 17th, 2020-05:48

Outstanding MB.

 By: M4 : December 17th, 2020-05:28

Do you mean the Montblanc P10 Villeret 1858 Vintage Chronographe?

 By: singingbee : December 17th, 2020-08:14
This is a beauty, don’t think I will ever have a chance to see it in the metal.

Yes, here it is. Good memory, Bill.

 By: amanico : December 17th, 2020-08:15

Pretty rare, indeed!

 By: amanico : December 17th, 2020-14:24

I like it!

 By: kennygfunk : December 17th, 2020-14:31

Thanks bro!

 By: singingbee : December 17th, 2020-20:00