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The prices are NUTS

 By: andrea~ : January 25th, 2023-15:13
67k for a geophysic that goes for ~20k? I can accept a considerable bump in price, but come on... 67k for a steel geophysic is bananas

Low prices on grey market is a problem for a brand to increase their own prices...

 By: Alfihar : January 25th, 2023-15:37
It's true that most of JLC are undervalued on second hand market if you compare with Rolex AP or PP... For example... what would be the price of a Duometre if it was written PP on the dial... and what is the price for a black dial LE 200 piece JLC Duometr... 

Well said. +1

 By: J K : January 25th, 2023-16:03

+1 in a nutshell

 By: myles721 : January 25th, 2023-16:05
What would it go for at auction?

Interesting retail exercise…

 By: myles721 : January 25th, 2023-16:21
By scooping up “vintage” pieces JLC is providing all the things people want (certification, provenance and box etc) as well as an attempt to control supply of “pieces” and perhaps an attempt to set prices…supply etc. it costs JLC almost nothing to do this... 


 By: amanico : January 25th, 2023-21:34


 By: Alfihar : January 26th, 2023-06:32

Same here …. 🤪

 By: HSTE : January 25th, 2023-23:06
Cheers, HSTE

....and then it doesn't (that's problem #2, and the bigger of the two! ;-))

 By: FabR : January 25th, 2023-17:54
Seriously, you perfectly put it my friend, as you often do... I can't see how this is the trick that finally works for JLC --- rather than increasing the popularity of the brand and its current product, these high vintage prices are actually more likely t... 

In complete agreement. What this brands fail to realize is that the brilliant marketing Rolex has, would never work without a bulletproof product. I have never heard one Rolex advert saying our X,Y,Z watch us better than the other brand, however...

 By: ZSHSZ : January 25th, 2023-19:56
... I frequently hear the other way around. In short, brands should focus on the product(not one you have to take back a moth after purchasing). What’s the point of an “interior angle”if the watch is unwearable on a daily basis?! After that set an attaina... 

And from where Richemont/VC got it?

 By: ZSHSZ : January 25th, 2023-19:41
Remember, I believe it was 2018-2019, when Richemont bought back the unsold watches and destroyed them to create the shortage? The only difference is that Rolex doesn’t create the shortage they just can’t make enough product as it’s clear by now, that’s t... 

Ah, good point 😀

 By: Fastwong : January 25th, 2023-20:40


 By: amanico : January 25th, 2023-21:24

Looks that way. Six already sold!

 By: cfn : January 27th, 2023-12:21
First the Reverso, then the Polaris II and now 4 more ...