This small watch looks lovely under a shirt’s cuff

Jun 13, 2018,09:55 AM



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To good to be hidden ! [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 13th, 2018-09:57

I agree Cap

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-10:33
Thanks for looking. René

Keep showing it ! [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 13th, 2018-11:13

I will Cap

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-18:19
You know part of the pleasure is sharing. Best. René

It is one of my treasures

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-10:35
Thanks hs111, I surely will. Best. René

Mi amigo, aprecio tu elogio

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-10:37
Para mi pequeño reloj. Un verdadero dulce para usar. Pero tú tienes varias pequeñas joyas escondidas que deberías compartir más seguido! Abrazo. René

Lo hare! [nt]

 By: amanico : June 13th, 2018-22:52

Thanks for looking Alex!

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-17:48
Yes, it is the most attractive part of the watch. Best. René

Thank you BRM

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-17:50
Is the most fitting I have found yet. But I keep looking for a Gay Freres bracelet also. Best. René

wow....never cease to surprise...

 By: maverickmahesh : June 13th, 2018-12:23
wonderful dial, love the hands design ! genius in every bit of the watch !! thanks for sharing the pics Rene !! Best, mahesh.,

Thanks a lot Mahesh!

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-17:57
I appreciate your compliments. The color in the dial, the delicate seconds sub-dial with fine concentric engraving, the heath blued hands, the luminous Arabic numerals with open 9 and 6, the pumpkin colored lume in the hands. All those elements make the s... 

What size is it?

 By: COUNT DE MONET : June 13th, 2018-12:43
Very nice vintage piece!

Thanks Count!

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-17:59
You have an eye for elegant timepieces It is 31mm, same size as the Patek Calatrava Ref. 96. Very enjoyable. A piece from more elegant times, don’t you think? Thanks for your comment. René

Rene, that is beautiful! IS that radium?

 By: Epilogue : June 13th, 2018-13:20
My E326 says hello! ...  

Thanks Epilogue!

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-18:06
Yes, it is, or at least I think it is, since it’s circa 1940. Beautiful vintage piece you got yourself! I still can’t find the reference of mine, but caliber is 469/A. Beautiful movement as well Do you know what caliber has yours? And which year is it? Be...  

This is an incredibly charming watch

 By: stabilizer : June 13th, 2018-17:11
That center pinion contrasting with the hands, the hands themselves, the dial, wow!

Thanks Stabilizer

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-18:15
Indeed, it is. I think the center pinion was originally blued too, but evolved into a clearer tone of blue, like light purple. In fact, the pictures don’t do half of justice to the charm of the dial. As you move your wrist under different lights, colors c... 

Thanks for looking Aaron

 By: renerod : June 13th, 2018-19:44
And the best is that there are still some out there, waiting to be found. Cheers. René

Of course you can!

 By: renerod : June 14th, 2018-10:35
After I found mine, another Purist friend searched for one and found his! The top one, I can’t remember the reference but seems to be more desired than mine. With your permission, AlexSunrise. So I encourage you to start the hunt! Best. René ...  

So lovely 😍😍😍

 By: Watcholic_id : June 14th, 2018-00:44
And I don’t it is small. It’s proper size 👌🏾👌🏾 Cheers

Thanks Watcholic_id!

 By: renerod : June 14th, 2018-10:43
Now I see them as elegant watches for gentleman from another era when this was the right size for a dress watch, even for a field watch! Their size and proportions are more fine and elegant and some of us are re-learning and enjoying them with great pleas... 

Not small , but perfect

 By: mohammad : June 14th, 2018-00:54
Perfectly sized and covering a big portion of the wrist . strap must show also and it would not being bigger . Nice proportion . wear it in good health .

Thanks a lot Mohammad!

 By: renerod : June 14th, 2018-10:45
I can see you too are learning to love and wear this elegant watches for gentlemen that don’t worry about size, but beauty. Best. René P.S. And you too wear your beautiful Vacheron in the best health.