Reverso Duo Blue

Jun 11, 2018,02:17 AM

I am in need on some information regarding this Reverso:

1. How many pieces werde produced?

2. How long was the production run?

You help is much appreciated!! Thank you!
Best, Andreas

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Reverso Duo Blue II

 By: spinoza : June 11th, 2018-05:51
Thank you, Amanico! As for the limited edition, it's engraved as special edition in the back. But thank you for the estimate of numbers produced. Best Andreas ...  

it is a perfect duoface

 By: Gelato Monster : June 11th, 2018-06:07
rarely seen for sale

Reverso Blue III

 By: spinoza : June 11th, 2018-07:28
Got it! Thank you!