Not sure why this model wasn't really popular.

Mar 25, 2020,23:42 PM

For me, however, it was my first real purchase into this crazy hobby.  

From time to time, I have thought about moving on from this piece but I haven't let it go for that sentimental reason. 

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Looks lovely!

 By: sham1 : March 26th, 2020-00:20
One of my favourite Reversos!
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If it does have a date function, then I think its worth it. My opinion. 😎

 By: geross : March 26th, 2020-00:44
Cause you could synchronizer the date with the moon phase. Tfs. 👍 Geross
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In the Patek line up of models Calatrava for ladies they have one also with no date. To me it's a no no. Would not aspire to own one. 😂 [nt]

 By: geross : March 26th, 2020-00:54
For my wife or daughter. No way Nico. Cheers 🍻, keep safe my friend. Geross
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There is another famous one...

 By: amanico : March 26th, 2020-00:58
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Of course all is fine, my friend. [nt]

 By: amanico : March 26th, 2020-02:25
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I have owned that Model twice now ..

 By: jj.hansen : March 26th, 2020-01:51
and I find it absolutely beautiful. It is definitely a bit chunky so you probably need a larger wrist. That wasn't a problem for me but so being a bit OCD it was hard to tell the time exactly so much of the time because of the disks. Nevertheless, given t... 
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Looks lovely! Love the heft of the Grande case. [nt]

 By: APROchrono : March 26th, 2020-03:51
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I cannot speak for others.

 By: stromer : March 26th, 2020-05:35
But for me it was its thickness that made me pass on it. Had it been 1-2mm thinner then maybe a Reverso Grande Date or Sun Moon would have been my first Reverso. The movement is especially nice in these. And yours with the stars on it stands out a even a ... 
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I also do not understand why the Reverso Grande Sun/Moon is not more popular and IMHO underappreciated...

 By: holdemchamp1225 : March 26th, 2020-07:55
As others have stated, it could have been the size or thickness but I find it wears well, even with my small wrist (16.5 cm - 16.75cm). Along with the Reverso Grande GMT, the Reverso Grande Sun/Moon is a watch I have not worn in a long time which will nee...  
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Totally agree 👍 [nt]

 By: holdemchamp1225 : March 26th, 2020-10:47
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Lovely classic

 By: Ping.Timeout : March 28th, 2020-01:40
Keep it. It’s timeless !
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