My two favorites JLC among mine

Oct 01, 2017,09:39 AM

I have a couple of others, but don't wear them that much. I'll consider to sell them. I am in a "less but better" mood.

What are your two favorites JLC if you have such a ranking

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modern [nt]

 By: Tyo : October 1st, 2017-12:29

My two (and favorite) JLC are Reverso Grande Reserve and Master Ultra Thin

 By: eklektik : October 1st, 2017-11:13
It is very easy to go wide with watches, I have a very long list: memovox, Geophysic true second, Breguet, GP chronograph, Breitling Navitimer, etc. But I also have only one wrist and that really slows me down in my acquisitions. The two you have here are... 

Easy 😉

 By: Alkiro1 : October 1st, 2017-11:19
Best wishes Alkiro ...  

Reverso for me . . .

 By: drhr : October 1st, 2017-12:49


 By: drhr : October 1st, 2017-20:03
I've actually thought about it (moving it out) but never got up the gumption to go forward. If the feeling to sell comes to fruition, will keep this in mind . . .

MUT 38mm (which I own) & Duometre Chrono (which I dream to own).

 By: Bounce781 : October 1st, 2017-13:14
Top 2 JLC models for me. Reverso is a close 3rd. Cheers

My favorites

 By: Sug : October 2nd, 2017-00:12
Love to be able to pull off the two you have, Tyo, but not with my small wrists. My two favorites that I own are Reverso Classique Manual Wind in traditional 23mm x 38mm case and Master Memovox 36mm (not sure if "Master" was officially in the name back th...  

Both are super.

 By: TheMadDruid : October 2nd, 2017-13:06
I especially love the red Reverso. How are things in the Caribbean? How is my favorite island doing?

I will be clear, bad. The whole island is almost destroyed. Many friends out there have lost their house and/or theirs companies

 By: Tyo : October 2nd, 2017-13:15
French President was there a couple of days ago and promised money and men to rebuild. Saint Barth is going way better Dominica has been destroyed by Maria the little sister of Irma, Barbuda is a no man's land The caribbean islands have paid a huge price ... 

I knew your island came through well.

 By: TheMadDruid : October 2nd, 2017-13:44
Very happy for you. So the things I heard about St. Martin are not exaggerated. This is very sad.

Ouch! [nt]

 By: amanico : October 2nd, 2017-14:30

indeed [nt]

 By: Tyo : October 2nd, 2017-14:37