Mothers Day Gift Finally Arrived!!

Jul 31, 2020,08:07 AM

I’m a long time collector, and over the years have owned a lot of different watches. My wife has occasionally shown interest in it, and doesn’t mind me spending money on watches within reason (the day I bought my Lange 1815 U/D was a little tense, so I think that’s about the limit for me!), but fundamentally she’s never really ‘got’ the appeal of high quality watchmaking.

We had twins last year, so I wanted to get her something nice for Mother’s Day, and I remembered that she was with me when I bought this JLC Master Control, and she had mentioned that she thought the reverso looks nice, one of the very few occasions that she actively expressed interest in a watch. I called my AD a few months ago and said I wanted a Reverso Classic Thin with an engraving, but after a few weeks, due to COVID, JLC just wouldn’t commit to a date to provide a mock-up for what it would look like, which they require sign off to proceed. I decided I’d just take the watch as is, and get it engraved later. It was a special order so it then took another 6 weeks to show up!

It arrived yesterday, and she was absolutely blown away by it. She said she couldn’t get over just how high quality it was, how it almost seems to be alive when you catch it in different lights. Not only was it great to see her happy, it was like a validation for me as she finally understood the appeal more than she ever had before. Obviously she’s seen my watches and has been somewhat impressed by the craftsmanship, but they’re all obviously men’s watches. To have her own watch suddenly seemed to make her get the appeal, and why I’ve spent decades utterly obsessed with watches.

It was a great moment, and best of all, hopefully she’ll be more into the idea of me buying more watches!!!

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Wow!! Such a pairing!!!!

 By: Ted-Lo : July 31st, 2020-08:09
Lovely JLCs.....

I appreciated reading your story. Thanks!

 By: BigAppleBill : July 31st, 2020-09:20
And I’m glad your wife is becoming more understanding of “the obsession.” Both watches look great together! And that sector dial is one of JLC’s best releases of the past few years -IMHO.

Beautiful Reverso.

 By: Seconds : July 31st, 2020-15:04
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