Morning Trilogy: Three JLCs with two barrels

May 13, 2023,09:31 AM

It's been a while since I've posted anything... 


Lack of time, other things that occupy me, few/no new models that make me vibrate... except vintages.


But here I am again with the desire to share these three JLC with double barrels.

The Duomètre A Chronograph - Reference 600 3 28 S (Q6013470)

A case of 42 mm in diameter and 13.58 mm thick, which I particularly like the shapes.

A magical black dial.

Some cool functions : Hour counter, Lightning second, Second, 60 seconds counter, Hour-Minute, 60 minutes counter, Double power reserve, Chronograph

It was my first Duomètre... even if this one is my second Duomètre A Chronograph.

It is also THE model for which the double barrel movement was created.

What to say about the movement: A finish certainly not perfect, but remarkable.

A manual winding, which I particularly appreciate 

445 components !

21600 alternations per hour.

47 jewels

2 barrels allowing the chrono to have its own energy

6.95 mm thick

50 hours of power reserve

The Master Minute Repeater - Reference 151.T.67.S (Q164T450)

A great complication, classic, but with a modern and crazy look. I love it... A total kiff.

Moreover, it is a sound watch... And sounding watches are characteristic of Jaeger LeCoultre, which has made a name for itself with its Memovox, which I particularly like.

And this one sounds particularly good, not to mention that as French says "le ramage vaut le plumage" : 

A polished grade 5 titanium case: a performance in itself because finally few manufactures dare to use this metal that is difficult to work (even more so in 2006). 

Certainly, the size is not measured (44 mm wide / 15,8 mm thick).

Certainly I would have preferred a thinner case...

But it perfectly fits my wrist of 17.5 cm.

Moreover, a fully open dial that has a unique side for a Minute Repeater.

At first sight, it was not a watch in my codes (I like simple and black dials and I am not a big fan of skeleton dials: too busy for me).

But I don't know why... this one had an immediate wow effect on me.

Even worse, the more I look at it the more I like it: there is a lot to discover about this dial, its complexity and richness.

It varies enormously depending on the light. It is simply crazy, almost sensual. Perlages, anglages, brushed parts, everything is there.

The chromatic shades of gray are infinite, sometimes dark, sometimes bright, not to mention bluish screws, points of red, purple, ... it is for me fantastic.

And then there are these hammers that you can admire just under the skeleton hand of the torquemeter.

Even the hands are well chosen: skeletonized so as not to lose anything of the show offered by the dial and consistent with the modern design of the watch.

(Bracelet : Crédit Don Justino)

The case back, compared to the dial, is less surprising, less spectacular, simpler, but it reveals some nice details: "Cotes Soleillées" which receive a ruthenium finish, matching the dark look of the dial and converging towards the small balance.

Some will tell me that there is no German Silver Maillechort finish like on the platinum model... it is true that it would have been nice...

Nevertheless, I find that the movement remains at the height of the dial, not to mention that it animates a series of complications and functions rather cool: The minute repeater, of course, but also a power reserve of 15 days, and a Torquemeter (Complication? Not sure that it is one...).

The Duomètre A Lunar Calendar - Reference: 600.3.24.  S (Q6043570)

We find here the 42 mm diameter and 13.58 mm thick case of the chrono.

We also find the magic black dial of the chrono, in this limited edition version, but with an inversion (Hour on the right versus on the left for the chrono) and a new variant (Moon Calendar).

You will say to me, why two Duometers... well, because I love the chrono and the QL... Moreover, if the Grande Maison had been consistent and had released a UTT with a black dial (which would have had an earthy side seen from space), well I would have taken it because I also like GMT/WT which are quite present in my collection...

Moreover, the chrono has a "sport" side, when the QL has a poetic side... It makes me think of the Petit Prince, this book of Saint Exupéry that you have to read regularly as it gives, each time; a different view on life ....

I see those who had read his sad story (Vis/vice caché...) telling me that I still have it... 

Yes I admit it, I put it back on my wrist, even if the experience was very bitter with the JLC service and made me turn away from the Grande Maison for months... and watches too for that matter (For that reason and others...). 

But beyond my anger against the morons who managed the case, JLC is the watches of my grandfather that I dreamed of as a child and that became mine when he left. It's also years of waiting for the novelties.... even if today I don't wait anymore because the magic doesn't work (Even for the last Reverso chrono.... and except for the pieces of very high watchmaking inaccessible given the number of copies produced and the lunar prices). It is passion in abundance, especially under the Jérôme Lambert era. It is finally vintages to fall in love (Even if I do not adhere to the communication and marketing that surrounded the release of "The Collectibles").

Concerning the movement, we find the imperfect but remarkable finishing of the chrono.

We naturally find the manual winding.

There are also :

374 components (Against 445 for the chrono).

21600 vibrations per hour.

40 jewels (Against 47 for the chrono).

2 barrels, one of which is dedicated to the regulator (whose fucking screw had broken), which makes it one of the most precise watches of the manufacture.

7,25 mm thickness (against 6,95 for the chrono).

50 hours of power reserve.

The trilogy... between dream and reality

Taken alone, these two barrel watches are magical... Put together, it touches the heaven... well for me. A chrono, a watch that rings and a date... a kind of waking dream.

Some other pictures... Just for the pleasure of the eyes:

And the final bouquet:

Sorry for the background noise... I couldn't do better with my iPhone...

A very very big thank you to Amanico for his ability to transmit his passion for watches in general and Jaeger leCoultre in particular, for his immense generosity, his precious friendship and this fantastic Master Minute Repeater... 

Have a nice weekend

Best Ø

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True… three pieces from Jerome Lambert era

 By: Alfihar : May 13th, 2023-09:53
A time unfortunately passed when Jaeger LeCoultre made the watch enthusiast that I am dream...

Very nice write-up with many lovely pics !.. One can sense your enthusiasm for these 3 members of the Duomêtre family.

 By: hs111 : May 13th, 2023-11:01
Continue to wear them in the very Best of your health ! Best, PS: A little Q, out of curiousity and if allowed - were you the privileged person to pick-up (or lend) Nicos Titanium Master Minute Repeater, or are/were you the lucky and happy person to own a... 


 By: Alfihar : May 13th, 2023-11:18
It is indeed the MR of Nicolas that I have the chance to have on my wrist for a few days. If my post suggests otherwise I'm sorry. It's not mine (yet)...😬 Only the two duo are mine (yet) 😂 The MR will return to Nico’s wrist tomorrow after a week on mine. ... 

Thx for your comment !.. So we are in the same boat, sort of.. I also had it on my wrist for an afternoon with Nico in Paris.- was mesmerized !

 By: hs111 : May 13th, 2023-11:36
As Humble Me, I deem myself lucky, to „at least“ own the A Chronographe, which I dearly love ! Would be most desirable & appreciated if LGM would come up with a new Duomètre family member.. Thx again for your fine picture- lineup and your remarks ! Best &... 

I think that your wish for a new Duometer will soon be granted by La Grande Maison...

 By: Alfihar : May 13th, 2023-11:49
News on this point should not be long in coming... Let's hope that we will not be disappointed... because the wait has been long... PS Having a Duomètre is already a chance ! Best Ø

+1 On both counts.

 By: amanico : May 13th, 2023-17:36

Amazing trio. The Duometre line was so very strong.

 By: vitalsigns : May 13th, 2023-13:24
JLC doing what it does best, fine engineering and innovation. I miss the Lambert era too. We have been stuck for quite a few years with not many interesting releases, a stagnation of sorts even while the watch market thrived. I really enjoyed your post. T... 

Thanks for your kind words.

 By: Alfihar : May 13th, 2023-13:41
Your comments are, unfortunately, totally accurate... The Manufacture - except for very high quality watchmaking pieces - has lost its way. Certainly, the quality has improved, but for me at the expense of its poetic soul: Today's products are very/too cl... 

Nicely turned. ;)

 By: amanico : May 14th, 2023-10:03

This is absolutely a dream collection....

 By: Rhyzen : May 16th, 2023-13:53
You sure are a lucky man!

Not yet. :))))

 By: amanico : May 18th, 2023-06:53


 By: amanico : May 18th, 2023-16:13

Lovely and thorough post! I must read it more

 By: Darron : May 18th, 2023-14:20
Slowly with time! Thanks for putting this together and envious collection!

Holy Moly!

 By: Duffymcpatzer : May 18th, 2023-15:43
JLC dropping the mic here!