Jaeger Lecoultre Polaris Date Blue. Some pictures and thoughts about this novelty.

Sep 02, 2019,03:16 AM

2018. Jaeger Lecoultre decides to give birth to a new line of watches, the Polaris. First were introduced the Polaris Automatic, the Polaris Chronograph, the Polaris World Time Chronograph, the Polaris Memovox 50th anniversary, The Polaris Date, and a bit later the same year, the Polaris World Time Geographic. 

The 2018 Polaris Date: 

In 2019, Jaeger Lecoultre offers a new version of the Polaris Date. A new version, I should rather say a new dial. Those of us who loved the smoke blue dial of the Polaris World Time Geographic will be happy to see that it is also used in the Polaris Date, adding some coolness to the former black dialed model. The internal bezel is matching with a satined  blue hue. 

Black or Blue, it will be up to you to decide which one sings louder to you. 

The rest is identical to the former model, the dimensions of the case ( 42 mm ), the same thickness, 13, 1 mm for the Date, which is thinner than the 15, 95 mm of the Polaris Memovox 50th Anniversary, and the movement, the Calibre 899/1, beating at 28, 800 vibrations per hour and offering a quite short power reserve of 38 hours.

Picture of the Cal 899/1: 

The other common points are the vanilla hue of the indices and hands, the three different finishings for the dial and bezel ( soleillé for the center of the dial, grained for the outer dial, and opaline for the bezel ), the solid case back, and the rubber strap matching with the color of the dial, in both cases ( blue for the new one, black for the former ). 

Here are some live pictures I could take at the Manufacture:

Now, the question is the same: When I see the Polaris Date, I see a Polaris with its alarm. I have hard time considering that the Polaris Date can be so close to the original model but without an... Alarm. While I have no problem liking the Polaris World Time Geographic as it clearly is a fiction. 

Other than that, this smoke blue dial is a pure marvel.

I don't know about you, but I am be curious to read your opinion on that point. 



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I really like the smoke blue dial...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 2nd, 2019-03:20
It’s just the date window with the white background 🤬

Yes, you have a point. [nt]

 By: amanico : September 2nd, 2019-03:21

Sadly, yes [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 2nd, 2019-03:39

+1. [nt]

 By: amanico : September 2nd, 2019-05:59

Totally agree with you

 By: Mr.Gatsby : September 2nd, 2019-10:18
And hard to imagine it without an alarm.

For the US market only 😤 [nt]

 By: centurionone : September 2nd, 2019-03:52

Wow that blue dial is a killer !

 By: jrwong23 : September 2nd, 2019-05:34
Agree though that a Polaris should be a Memovox ideally It looks too close to a Polaris Memovox to be without an alarm function Thanks for your pics Nico ! Cheers Robin

I think the blue dial is gorgeous...

 By: watchme : September 2nd, 2019-08:11
and would have preferred to see the date with a black or deep blue disc with vanilla font (for better blending). Now, I just wish JLC would do the Polaris Geographic with a dial like this and world-wide distribution, not boutique-only. -Dean

A Polaris hommage watch without alarm does not work for me.

 By: jlux : September 2nd, 2019-09:52
This is like Panerai with 3 ATM or IWC Ingenieur without iron core cage (we have seen this). I do not really get the marketing idea behind these decisions : watches like this are not purchased by the average customer but mostly by collectors that are know... 

For now I’m still going with us

 By: aperna : September 2nd, 2019-10:00

THE good one. [nt]

 By: amanico : September 2nd, 2019-10:59

No question that this watch looks great and that the dial is a killer

 By: Sebi : September 2nd, 2019-12:48
However, there is just little sense in that model to begin with. The whole idea to get a product line based on the name & essence of an historical model is just a failure. And it was already showing with the geophysic product line. There was the tribute. ... 

Interesting view, my friend. THE Polaris is of course the legend, an alarm for divers. But think about that: Were you shocked to see a Deep Sea Chrono Vintage, or a Geophysic Universal Time?

 By: amanico : September 2nd, 2019-13:06
Here I must say that it is a bit the same for the Polaris, for me. I really like the idea of the Polaris Geographique WT, less fan of the Date. I like fictions on a legendary name, or something in the spirit, but the " in between " doesn't sing to me that... 

to be frank, i got into the watch thing in late 2015 early 2016 so yes, it took me some time to

 By: Sebi : September 2nd, 2019-13:32
understand that geophysic line as well as the deep sea chrono offerings. one-off watches, being tributes or new versions, I can get that. But new product lines, it would need a massive amount of brain hours to come up with something decent. I do not think... 

Back when they introduced the TTP68..

 By: Echi : September 2nd, 2019-16:05
I wonder what they would have thought about having a TTP68 without alarm.. I wonder if it ever crossed their mind. Probably not, no? No problem with the aesthetics per se but may lead people into thinking that since it's too close and less expensive than ... 

It’s a nice watch....

 By: Sportster : September 2nd, 2019-18:46
Not as nice as nice as a reverse tribute small seconds red dial....but still nice

Usually a fan of JLC, but the blue didn’t appeal...

 By: Divingondesks : September 3rd, 2019-17:01
And, I agree on the alarm! And maybe someday a 40mm size...(I like the original, slightly smaller ones )

Yes TT DSA is 40, 5 mm. [nt]

 By: amanico : September 4th, 2019-02:20

Polaris Date

 By: Drjaytripod : September 5th, 2019-15:24
There sure is a lot of angst over this offering. I understand that it comes from respect for the brand. Yes, the date wheel is white, and the PR is diminutive. I think it’s beautiful and look forward to seeing one. As I own a Reverso and a Navy SEALS Alar... 

jLC date

 By: Drjaytripod : September 6th, 2019-12:45
Thank you! I’ve been away a couple years but I’ll try to contribute a bit.

With pleasure! [nt]

 By: amanico : September 6th, 2019-12:53

Take the date away and put the alarm back

 By: Xakep : January 24th, 2020-22:45
Close the back (good!), take the date away, put the alarm and you have a solid genuine merge of form and function. Don't fuss with the dial color. I love the Polaris Memovox, seen it in store (right size form my 7.5" wrist), it's the date that's distracti... 

The fact that data was there on the original one is no excuse

 By: Xakep : February 21st, 2020-22:31
The - mostly obsolete - function is less important than the identity. If they will compete in the uber-crowded (because of) uber-lucrative sports watch market they need an instantly recognizable design to hammer for the years to failed with the Compresso... 

Oh yes! [nt]

 By: proestak : February 22nd, 2020-22:34

Nice meeting you too

 By: Xakep : February 22nd, 2020-08:39
They never truly established the Compressor line, someone up there have to decide if they truly want to position JLC in that market - or keep the Polaris line as one-off, without expanding it. JLC, especially their calibers, always straddled that ridge b/... 

"...Among other things"

 By: Xakep : February 23rd, 2020-06:20
My point is that JLC has dis-proportionally low brand recognition for the technical supremacy they posses. They were - for a long time - probably the ultimate "wis" brand: we love it but that won't pay the bills. With a RO/Submariner/Triple-bridge/Freak/L... 

The blue dial

 By: Quan : February 28th, 2020-21:40
is damn nice, last Sunday late by 10 minutes someone grab it, so I only manage to hand hold to admire it

Still findable, I think. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 29th, 2020-01:01

I tried the date model

 By: Xakep : March 18th, 2020-16:14
... and the watch is kind of unusual - it sits flat but big. It's not a tool watch for sure, and there's no "sporty" feeling about it. Not sure if I can compare it to something familiar as a style .. Portofino maybe. I was not disappointed but surprised -... 

Nicely put, Xakep. [nt]

 By: amanico : March 19th, 2020-11:40