and the best part is

Jan 02, 2014,00:49 AM

that LeCoultre is not written above seconds dial

amazing piece
the back side is just mesmerizing
knowing when the watch was made
thank you for this slice of heaven

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A look at Amelia Earhart's Reverso.

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-00:05
This is a Watch you will never see, other than at the Heritage Gallery of the JLC Manufacture, or during an " all over the world " exhibition, if you are Lucky. This Watch was made circa 1935, to celebrate Mrs Earhart's flight between Mexico and New York ...  

and the best part is

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 2nd, 2014-00:49
that LeCoultre is not written above seconds dial :) seriously amazing piece the back side is just mesmerizing knowing when the watch was made thank you for this slice of heaven Best Damjan

This is a nice piece of History, indeed. BUT this can also give some ideas

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-01:12
To those who want to personalize their TT R 1931... Hmmm... Best, my friend. Nicolas


 By: Spellbound : January 2nd, 2014-01:04
Can you please remind JLC to issue a Tribute piece in 2015 to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of that flight. And to make the re-edition EXACTLY the same as this one ! Dean

I will try to do so. ;)

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-01:10

IMO ...

 By: bimbeano : January 2nd, 2014-02:17
... JLC should wait till 2035 ... seems more appropriate ... but you'll only have to wait a little bit longer :-) Filip (in an evil mood)

That is long! ;)

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-02:25

I know ...

 By: bimbeano : January 2nd, 2014-03:04
... but take a look at me ... i'm now saving money for 2027 ... the year Longines will hopefully make a nice re-edition of Lindberghs watch ... :-) ... and i can't wait till 2069 for Omega to release a very epic Speedmaster ;-) .... Bim

VERY NICE shots!

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : January 2nd, 2014-02:11
of such a historical timepiece. The lacqured back is amazingly done. Looks great and also not so fragile like enamel (I believe some of the JLC Reversos have enamel backs but I believe enamel will crack when users flip the Reversos too hard/quick). Thanks... 

A most unexpected "pilot's watch"

 By: Tim_M : January 2nd, 2014-04:52
Well, I can't say I ever considered the Reverso a "pilot's watch," but it really works in this sense :-) It's as iconic of its era as Mrs. Earhart, and it *is* surprisingly readable with those standout Arabic numerals on the dial. Plus the dial, black str... 

39 x 23 mm, Tim.

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-08:40

Wow, love the engraving on the back.

 By: Seeks : January 2nd, 2014-05:42
thanks for sharing!

Thanks for looking, Seeks.

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-07:52

Nice report on this unique piece

 By: ED209 : January 2nd, 2014-08:03
Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics of a rare Reverso. Regards, ED-209

My pleasure, Ed.

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-08:05


 By: ocwatching : January 2nd, 2014-08:22
another piece of history and nice to know that JLC was on Earhart's wrist.. the caseback is fantastic..we have been meaning to do something to our TTR..

Thank you Nicolas !

 By: Mike H : January 2nd, 2014-08:45
You always surprise me! Thank you so much for letting us discover such unique pieces of history, such amazingly beautiful pieces! So simple, so nice, so classical with a subtle touch of originality; simply gorgeous! Best, Mike

What a fantastic dial and reverse(o)...

 By: hans_jorgen_1968 : January 2nd, 2014-08:49
... Thanks for sharing this my friend :-) Best Hans

My pleasure, Hans!

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-09:16

WOW ! - What more can one say.. A juwel and a piece of history

 By: hs111 : January 2nd, 2014-09:53
.. in fact, for me, the front/ recto side is also marvellous, with this art Deco look .. Simply enjoyable ! And this one of these verso - backside always will leave us with admiration for the creator, the artist, and the person, to whose hommage this envo... 

I am not sure there was another woman pilot who received such a Reverso...

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-10:03
Will have to check that... But there was a Reverso dedicated to a Racing Event... Maybe here lies the confusion? Thanks for your input, my friend. Much appreciated. Best, Nicolas

Thx for the kindness.. You were absolutely right, Nico.. I was right a bit, as well.. As..

 By: hs111 : January 2nd, 2014-12:07
..another Reverso's backside depicting a flight route, but of a male aviator,which was reported and pictured by 219 ( aka Andrew H) in an excellent report about: " A Historical Watch and a Watch of History: An Appeal for the Reverso Virtual museum" on Jan...  

Thanks for the kindness.. Feeling honored.. Elephants also "engrave" into their memory..

 By: hs111 : January 2nd, 2014-14:00
Thank you for these kind words, :)) Best, hs PS: - this craftmanship in JLC has been and is amazing; and your post & pics are stimulating, indeed..

LOL. Well played, my friend. Very well played. Will try to take some pics of it

 By: amanico : January 2nd, 2014-14:01
When I am back to the Manufacture... Which may not be in a too long time. ;) Best! Nicolas

:))) !!!

 By: hs111 : January 2nd, 2014-14:06


 By: Mystiqz : January 2nd, 2014-15:39
beautiful!! thanks for sharing

What happened to the watch ???? it used to be originally a central second !

 By: Clavi : January 3rd, 2014-01:44
When JLC bought it in 2006, it used to be a central second version. What did they do with the watch, and why ???? ...  

Lol!! Seems you caught them red-handed [again]... (y)

 By: Ilja : January 3rd, 2014-05:19
Maybe they are willing to show us the movement holding part, because than there is a chance to proof it originally was born center second, but we need to see if all case parts do have matiching numbers. Too funny indeed. This message has been edited by Il... 

Different watches

 By: Archy : January 3rd, 2014-14:06
I don't think they "did" anything to the watch. There are clearly 2 watches - the " MEXICO NEW YORK " writing on the case-backs is quite different. I apologise if that is pointing out the obvious - I just mean that there need be no suggestion that the wat... 


 By: Ilja : January 3rd, 2014-14:46
To my eye it looks more the engraving paint was repaired or renewed. ;) I'm sure Clavi can give us some more input regarding the picture he posted, since he wrote JLC bought the particular watch in 2006. How are chances to find a second example of a uniqu... 

Look at the space ......

 By: Archy : January 3rd, 2014-17:15
.......between "MEXICO" and " NEW". Very different.

Extract from the 2006 auction description....

 By: Ilja : January 4th, 2014-01:32
Amelia e Coultre, Reverso, case No. 12089 ..Made in the 1930s to celebrate the set by Amelia Earhart on May 8th, 1935, for the solo flight from Mexico City to New York..Fine and rare, rectangular and reversible, center- Marque : Jaeger-LeCoultre Collec... 

Cal. 8''' ???

 By: HerrK : January 8th, 2014-13:08
What would that be in a Reverso dating 1935 or later? With a central second it is likely to be fitted with a 11''' USC (or towards the end of the decade a 11''' LSC). But 8'''??? Never heard of. Looks like a rather expensive buy. Christian

Nice piece of history

 By: Le Monde Edmond : January 8th, 2014-16:08
An Iconic watch, an important moment in time. What a great post of a legendary watch. I hope I get to see it in real life one day. In the meantime it has given me a couple of ideas for engraving on my Reverso from 1934 ;) Have a great 2014! Best Edmond