May 30, 2021,06:59 AM

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Hands on with the JLC Reverso Tribute Nonantième

 By: n0wjsti : May 28th, 2021-08:59
My local JLC boutique invited me over to have a look at one of the latest novelties that just arrived. Since I was in office and we are moving into a strict(er) lockdown, I decided to drop by to have a look. The Nonantième is one of the few novelties whic...  

Yes I did!

 By: n0wjsti : May 28th, 2021-09:34
Really, a semi jumping hour which start to engage at x:55 and you will see it start to "move" and on the dot x:00 the disc will jump.

Thanks for sharing this

 By: rnaden : May 28th, 2021-10:21
It’s a nice Reverso indeed. Something I was considering but skipped because I would have preferred a real jumping hour.

Thank you.

 By: rremiker : May 28th, 2021-12:16
I reserved one, likely won’t receive it until August or September from what JLC tells me.

Gorgeous looking watch

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 28th, 2021-12:18

This is really a gorgeous watch!

 By: MTR : May 28th, 2021-18:45
I like it‘s whole appearance. What stops me is that the backside doesn’t show a second time zone. So finally this concept puts design above function. A no-go for me. What a pity!! Best Thomas


 By: Yahia : May 30th, 2021-06:59

I can’t wait until...

 By: watchme : June 12th, 2021-19:34
The front face becomes a steel model with flat back. Dean

With a black dial?

 By: amanico : June 12th, 2021-20:39