Aug 01, 2013,01:17 AM

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Thin is in!

 By: rovermark : July 30th, 2013-03:47
As those of you who responded to my teaser post guessed my Master Ultra Thin Jubilee has arrived! Here are a couple of quick photos. Sorry about the quality. I'll try and shoot some better ones in the near future. It's amazing how thin this watch is. I re...  


 By: Dave G : July 30th, 2013-04:23
I got the call to pick up mine as well, which I can't get until next week due to business travel. I can't wait and your pictures don't help!

Thank you for sharing, especially the comparison

 By: mell0822 : July 30th, 2013-04:35
between the two. But at just 4mm, I find it too thin for my liking. The 38mm MUT is my prefered choice including its lively dial. But it's just me. Melvin

Thanks Melvin

 By: rovermark : July 30th, 2013-15:39
They each have their charms which, as I mentioned, is why I'm going to keep both. That way I don't have to decide which I like more!

Amazingly, mesmerisingly beautiful Time Piece Mark.....

 By: Sandgroper : July 30th, 2013-05:45
Congratulations, ooh!'ve done it again:) Cheers Francois

I agree. JLC did it again.

 By: rovermark : July 30th, 2013-15:45
Yet another year where out of everything presented at SIHH a "simple" JLC watch was the star of the show (at least for me). It happened a couple years ago with the Reverso 1931 and now with the Jubilee.


 By: watchme : July 30th, 2013-06:57
The side-view pictures really explain the design and proportions beautifully! Can't wait to see it in the metal. -Dean

Thanks Dean [nt]

 By: rovermark : July 30th, 2013-15:46

huge congrats, lovely piece!

 By: Stefan : July 30th, 2013-09:02
.... very very nice and huge congrats on your great piece arrived, Mark ;-) interesting to see both MUT pieces side-by-side, it seems the Jubilee one looks much elegant and handsome! stefan

I agree that the Jubilee is a bit more elegant

 By: rovermark : July 30th, 2013-15:48
but don't dismiss the MUT 38! It is still a great watch, jus a bit less formal.

There is indeed room for both, Mark!

 By: amanico : July 30th, 2013-11:24
The MUT 38 and the Jubilé are so different ( case and dial, case back ) that you can consider owning both of them. The MUT Jubilé is clearly one of the winners of this year, all brands included. It gave birth to a new concept: The Spectacular elegance. ;)... 

Thanks Nicolas.

 By: rovermark : July 30th, 2013-15:56
It certainly is a great watch. I do wish they had stuck with a matte strap though.....

Huge congratulation, Mark!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 30th, 2013-12:27
A stunning watch! :) Here is my version from the 125 Jubilé greeting yours! :) Best Blomman ...  

Thanks Blomman

 By: rovermark : July 30th, 2013-16:07
I love the Ostrich strap!

Thin Thin Thin!

 By: patrick_y : July 30th, 2013-12:34
Looking good Mark! Um, I really don't like the strap it ships on. And that was not the strap that I saw the watch on during SIHH. In all of my photos, I see the watch should come on a strap that is stitched and matte blue. I'd go back to the boutique and ... 

In JLC's defense...

 By: rovermark : July 30th, 2013-16:05
The watches at SIHH were prototypes. Luckily the issue is just a strap and therefore easily remedied. I would have been much more upset if they had changed the dial or something that wasn't a quick fix. That being said, I really do hate the glossy strap. ... 

Congrats on the new JLC!

 By: ED209 : July 30th, 2013-22:54
Congrats rovermark on a beautiful JLC. It's incredible thin and looks great. Regards, ED-209

Thanks Ed [nt]

 By: rovermark : July 31st, 2013-02:27

Beautiful piece!

 By: DRMW : July 31st, 2013-00:13
Congrats on the MUT Jubilee! Wear it in the best of health! -MW

Thanks Ming [nt]

 By: rovermark : July 31st, 2013-02:27

Beautiful, congratulations

 By: AHMED.G : July 31st, 2013-12:28
but I have a question , I'v seen the prototype one & it was with dark blue strap , Does all production watches come with black strap or can be order the dark blue one?

Thanks Ahmed

 By: rovermark : July 31st, 2013-22:10
I wish I had a definite answer for you, but mine was the only one the boutique received so I wasn't able to compare it with another. I would assume that they all come on the shiny strap though.


 By: ocwatching : July 31st, 2013-15:24
This was one of the stars from the preview events.. and I know you couldn't wait to get your hands on one.. I love the simple dial and of course..THIN! (which I am not!) Congrats again my friend!

That makes two of us!

 By: rovermark : July 31st, 2013-22:16
I quit smoking earlier this year and seem to have (stereotypically) picked up a couple of extra pounds!


 By: foullis : August 1st, 2013-01:17

Thanks! [nt]

 By: rovermark : August 2nd, 2013-00:10


 By: Baron - Mr Red : August 1st, 2013-07:10 a way that few other manufacturers can do it

One of the things that draws me to JLC

 By: rovermark : August 2nd, 2013-00:17
is their engineering expertise. The fact that many of the great watch companies have bought their movements from JLC speaks volumes.

I am waiting for mine to arrive...

 By: Hororgasm : August 3rd, 2013-13:20
Hanks for wetting my appetite!! And congrats on a great piece Best, Horo

Thanks Horo!

 By: rovermark : August 4th, 2013-02:42
The Jubilee is certainly worth the wait!


 By: vitalsigns : August 4th, 2013-06:44
Congratulations! One of my favorite recent releases from JLC. Cheers, John

Thanks John [nt]

 By: rovermark : August 6th, 2013-01:26

Mark, congrats! Really, really special.

 By: CaliforniaJed : August 8th, 2013-08:09
My favorite JLC since the TT1931. You are going to have to show me that one. Best, CaliforniaJed

Thanks Jed

 By: rovermark : August 11th, 2013-18:31
We really should try and get together sometime soon.