Art Deco Beauty.

Dec 25, 2020,20:01 PM

I know I’ve been whining a lot recently but here are some shots I took of the magnificent Burgundy for your enjoyment!

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Great pics of a great watch

 By: Arronax : December 25th, 2020-21:06
The first one is my favorite. A few months ago I was looking at the blue dial but I think I prefer the burgundy now.

Been in the same boat

 By: KtownGreg : January 6th, 2021-19:25
Struggling between the blue vs. burgundy. These pics are quite compelling.

Certainly makes it

 By: xxn : December 26th, 2020-00:45
thicker with sub seconds

These photos are sooooo GREAT!!!

 By: MTR : December 26th, 2020-01:14
You should work for JLC and make their marketing pictures. 😁 I am now totally in the mood for this Burgundy... Best Thomas

Superb pictures of a great watch

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : December 26th, 2020-04:46

What a picture, that first one! Should be in a JLC catalogue.

 By: vitalsigns : December 26th, 2020-06:50
The others are excellent too. Great pictures of a very nice watch. Cheers, John

That last pic.... really nice👍

 By: Reuven Malter : December 26th, 2020-07:26

Wonderfully set up and captured !

 By: Seeks : December 26th, 2020-09:26
Warmest wishes