Which of 2 watches would you buy? (2004 Portugieser white dial panda)

Sep 07, 2021,18:34 PM

I am trying to make a decision, which I will eventually do on my own, but am weighing the pros and cons of the following 2 watches and wondered what WPS experts think.

(Watch 1)

-Box & papers from German AD, dated 2004

-2017 IWC overhaul (cost was USD $670)

-individual seller with flawless feedback on an online flea-market website. (The "individual seller" and "online website" are the 2 main concerns.)

-non-OEM strap

-No IWC OEM metal D-buckle or tang (This too is a concern, considering the higher price of this watch. The seller claims he threw away the whole strap!!! )

-Priced USD $410 more than Watch 2. (But still negotiating price)

(Watch 2)

-No original IWC gty card. (This is the main concern with Watch 1.) (Although the watch comes with 2 store-issued gty cards, one from the prior dealer (2019) and one from the current dealer.)

-Box heavily damaged

-No overhaul history

-Brick & mortar gray dealer

-Heavily used IWC OEM leather strap with IWC metal tang.

 According to the individual seller's online pics, the 2004 gty card does not have a space to write "serial number", but instead, only a space for "case number". Does this sound legitimate? I have never seen a gty card like this. The individual seller did a faux pas and disclosed the full "case number" in the pics online. Should this be a concern?

I appreciate any feedback, and I thank you inadvance. I have been weighing the pros and cons for a while, already, and keep thinking.


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To me it seems that Watch #1 is the better choice...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : September 7th, 2021-21:18
A watch with full papers + box and then you can always buy an OEM strap and buckle. As to the warranty card, this is what they used to looked like: Good luck! ...  

Easy decision for me.

 By: MTR : September 7th, 2021-22:59
Watch No. 1. Here you have the box

no 1 definitely

 By: Gelato Monster : September 8th, 2021-00:45

Numero 1 indeed

 By: VinnieD : September 8th, 2021-08:01
Good luck with the purchase

Wouldn’t buy either one

 By: Jurry : September 8th, 2021-08:04
But if I had to choose then definitely 1

Watch 1 sold while I was on my way to see Watch 2 in person..... ha ha! So fate intervened.

 By: Moka-Tiger : September 8th, 2021-17:48
Thanks for your replies. Everyone agreed on Watch 1. Maybe I gave it too good of a write up. Ha! I kept an eye on Watch 1 for at least 4 months, and then, wouldn’t you know it, the day I try to close the deal, it sells. Ha! I think “somebody” is trying to... 

Don't sleep too long...😉

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : September 8th, 2021-23:13

I slept well, thanks.

 By: Moka-Tiger : September 9th, 2021-02:38
And Watch 2 is on hold under my name at the dealer.

I can send you about 5 blank or mismatched warranty cards

 By: cazalea : September 9th, 2021-01:19
I think that’s the least of things you need to worry about. Cheers, Cazalea

Ah, I will let you know when I come to that road 😉

 By: Moka-Tiger : September 9th, 2021-02:36
Actually, I have one of those already. Ha.