on the fence to sell this

Jun 14, 2020,11:12 AM

yes or no?

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Yes, you might sell it...

 By: jkvs : June 14th, 2020-11:31
...if you think that this model is a little bit too trendy for a serious pilot’s watch, and if you are bothered by the „Top Gun“ logo. On the other hand, it looks nice!

Nah neither of those things

 By: ripper444 : June 14th, 2020-11:37
I just don’t wear it much at all these days. Debating possibly getting the aqua terra green dial for it.

yea same

 By: ripper444 : June 14th, 2020-12:15
i’ll see how the numbers work out


 By: ripper444 : June 14th, 2020-12:15

I'd absolutely trade it for an aqua terra

 By: jleno : June 14th, 2020-12:37
And the green dial version looks awesome. Go for it!

I have to say, when I find myself disinclined to wear a particular watch, I start wondering why I keep it.

 By: Modernahab : June 14th, 2020-15:36
That said, it's a matter of taste. It strikes me that in direct comparison with the Aqua Terra, the Omega in this instance offers what's arguably a much more interesting and advanced movement (co-axial escapement, chronometer certification, amagnetic), an... 

My initial thought was : keep it.

 By: jlux : June 14th, 2020-23:37
But yes, I would do it to get this awesome Omega AT green!

Sell it [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : June 14th, 2020-12:09

agreed [nt]

 By: ripper444 : June 14th, 2020-12:15

Decisions decisions

 By: Weems@8 : June 14th, 2020-15:00
Taste is taste, always a sensitive subject. Top gun. Is that for the guys who want to be a pilot of a fighter jet. Best Ripper, sell the watch. Or use it as a work/tool watch.

i guess people don't like top gun

 By: ripper444 : June 14th, 2020-15:16
but I always laugh at anyone that thinks they are a pilot wearing any IWC or a submersion diver wearing a rolex sub 😂😂😂😂 please come on

Haha... I don't know anyone who wears one of either that thinks they are one of either, unless they are :)

 By: nacelle : June 14th, 2020-16:44
Who on earth will ever take the Deep Sea to the rated depth, maybe one person somewhere on the planet. Still a cool watch to own, methinks.

i owned 2 deep seas

 By: ripper444 : June 14th, 2020-17:49
they never see water!

Only one mistake i made

 By: Weems@8 : June 14th, 2020-22:36
But i wear it often. Not with pleasure. ...  

A Seiko Honda F1.

 By: Weems@8 : June 15th, 2020-11:02
My first chronograph with screw-in crown. Gave it to daddy. Funny fact, it do not stop. A watch for those who are not carefully with watches.

I could not believe how unwearable it was...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : June 15th, 2020-12:07
... among all the 44, 46, 47 and 48 mm monsters I have been wearing for years.

you have to remove the diver extension

 By: ripper444 : June 15th, 2020-12:29
game changer

hahahahaha [nt]

 By: ripper444 : June 15th, 2020-12:29

Ditto to that... [nt]

 By: Monopole : June 15th, 2020-04:47

I got really tired of the same thing

 By: ripper444 : June 15th, 2020-12:32
Decided to give this a shot for the summer!

yea I was taking a look on IWC website

 By: ripper444 : June 15th, 2020-14:02
they have the 45mm aquatimer but the lug width is the same 22mm and that blue strap looks great as well. I will pick one up ...  

Why do you assume most won't like it?

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : June 16th, 2020-15:05
I think it's great and has a beautiful dial color. You just need to start playing with straps again... LOL!

I haven’t taken it off since yesterday and i’m enjoying it

 By: ripper444 : June 16th, 2020-15:16
initial assessment is it’s dead accurate. The strap is vey comfortable and the blue pops in direct sun light. not a bad piece at all. I skipped it for years kind of like the pelagos and both have turned out to be sleeper keepers ...