Come fly away with me... 😉

Feb 19, 2021,04:25 AM

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Cool 501012 and strap.👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : February 19th, 2021-06:47

Thanks 😊

 By: Fat Bastard : February 19th, 2021-07:04

Way to capture the dial variation with the lighting!

 By: darrony : February 19th, 2021-07:16
Nice canvas strap pairing. Do you wear the destro on the left or right wrist?

Cheers 😉

 By: Fat Bastard : February 19th, 2021-07:36
I always wear it on the left hand so that the crown does not bother me.

Nice! I wear my destros on the left!

 By: darrony : February 19th, 2021-17:35