Great shot Massi

Nov 25, 2020,06:43 AM

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Christmas time is coming, so... thanks to the lockdown time, the tree begins to be decorated!

 By: massimiliano : November 25th, 2020-06:19
My 25 years old 3712-02 is always a faithful companion We need an injection of joy and an air of happyness, especially to make this period less heavy for the children... Best, massi ...  

I really need that,

 By: Mary Anny : November 25th, 2020-06:35
Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure!

 By: massimiliano : November 26th, 2020-07:34

Great shot Massi

 By: aperna : November 25th, 2020-06:43

Thank you very much Tony!

 By: massimiliano : November 26th, 2020-07:36

Nice one

 By: VinnieD : November 25th, 2020-07:07
Have you owned it for that long? 25 years, it becomes a serious relationship!

Color reflection on the watch is superb!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 25th, 2020-11:03

What a beautiful watch

 By: blau : November 25th, 2020-11:20
You've got me kicking myself for giving mine up (though it's been a few years now since I did)

That's wisdom!

 By: blau : November 26th, 2020-08:13
(Wisdom means accepting true contradictions!)

Lovely colors....

 By: Ted-Lo : November 25th, 2020-11:42

You are so right! My good Sire.. stay happy and...

 By: Ted-Lo : November 26th, 2020-07:47
Keep those cheerful colors coming!!!!!!

Thank you very much indeed!

 By: massimiliano : November 26th, 2020-07:58

beautiful picture - one of my favorite watches ...

 By: only5402 : November 25th, 2020-12:02
... i bought it once - sold it - and this year i bought it back. we most time see these watches on the original croc strap - i tried to give the watch a more sport look by using a canvas-style bracelet. generelly i love this Ref, because of the third push...  

This is love! Thank you :-)

 By: massimiliano : November 26th, 2020-07:46

Thanks for sharing

 By: Jurry : November 25th, 2020-12:03
This nice watch and your kind thoughts

Milano saying “hi”

 By: sebks : November 25th, 2020-12:08
Love the “Doppel Portos” ...  

Another great watch in a great shot 👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : November 25th, 2020-12:46

Nice reflections!!

 By: darrony : November 25th, 2020-15:28

Thank you Darrony!

 By: massimiliano : November 26th, 2020-07:51

This makes me smile

 By: Rei : November 25th, 2020-19:15
Thank you

Thank you Rei, glad you like it!

 By: massimiliano : November 26th, 2020-07:52