Two Vacheron Tabs?

Apr 24, 2018,09:37 AM

Maybe it's just me, but on my iPhone 6S plus running 10.3.3 I show two Vacheron tabs when viewing via the app.

I believe I have the latest app version as I don't see any unloaded updates.

Not a big deal as both tabs work...just thought I'd mention it.


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The forum list is data driven.

 By: carl : April 27th, 2018-03:47
So it must be a snafu of some kind. Sorry about that. You can reset it in the settings by selecting “reset to original” from “customize forum list” in the settings. ...  

Further info.

 By: carl : April 27th, 2018-03:49

That worked...

 By: mdg : April 27th, 2018-22:30
...thanks for the help. It wasn't any big deal but I thought it might be a bug that affected a lot of people. Odd though, that I don't remember doing any kind of customization... Thanks again.