The blade at 6 o'clock is the rotating seconds hand (nt)

Jan 21, 2013,09:21 AM


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GoS Nordic Seasons - Winter Nights for PuristS - 10 piece limited edition

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 16th, 2013-14:58
PuristSPro has collaborated with Gustafsson & Sj√∂gren on their 10-piece limited edition "Winter Nights" series. Here is the link to the original press release: "Winter Nights" for PuristS is offered on pre-order subscription basis and exclusive to Pu...  

White Gold and uncolored dial is so deliciously cold!

 By: amanico : January 16th, 2013-21:29
I am very intrigued by this watch and would like to see it in the flesh. Best, Nicolas

Is the blade at six o'clock

 By: docsnov : January 19th, 2013-17:16
decorative or does it rotate like a seconds hand?

GoS seconds hand

 By: DonCorson : January 21st, 2013-11:12
Hi Docsnov, Patrik from GoS just sent me this answer to your question: This blade shape is the GoS seconds hand, which have been used in one way or another on all our watches with a sub-second. The blade shaped seconds hand is intended to illustrate the c...