Otherworldly. I love this word!!!

Nov 21, 2023,05:40 AM

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Maybe I have too much “time on my hand” (pardon the pun)

 By: Chicolini : November 20th, 2023-22:38
but you guys revved me up today to switch watches all day! Stupid yes, but I love it! ...  


 By: Cozmopak : November 21st, 2023-02:58
There are a few of us on here

The VH legendary piece …

 By: Horology75 : November 21st, 2023-00:38

Thinking ahead of his time!

 By: Chicolini : November 21st, 2023-01:11

Yes! Steampunk to the max!

 By: Chicolini : November 21st, 2023-01:10

Nothing bad with that!

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2023-05:39

I do love me some steampunk!

 By: Chicolini : November 21st, 2023-17:49

Absolutely agree! Thanks

 By: Chicolini : November 21st, 2023-17:49

The Antiqua is truly exceptional.

 By: Steve E : November 21st, 2023-16:37
Thanks for sharing it.

You are most welcome, Steve. It’s my

 By: Chicolini : November 21st, 2023-17:49
pleasure. Happy Thanksgiving!

What an exceptional piece!

 By: Mike H : November 27th, 2023-22:01
I am under its charm every time I see the Antiqua whether in RG or in Pt. Absolutely stunning... ...  

Superb photos.

 By: amanico : November 27th, 2023-22:06

VH is the best, yours is wonderful

 By: GreatPilot@me.com : December 6th, 2023-05:07
And I love mine as well. How fortunate are are to enjoy these watches from a master… Jim ...  

This VH is so uber cool Ed 🔥

 By: holdemchamp1225 : December 30th, 2023-18:51