Not from my side. Maybe Fx? [nt]

Jul 06, 2019,09:01 AM

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Peter Speake-Marin London Chronograph, Only Watch 2019.

 By: amanico : July 5th, 2019-14:46
Here is PSM offer for Only Watch 2019. A Piccadilly Case, 42 mm big, in titanium. A colorful dial, and a good old Valjoux Chronograph movement. What do you think? Best, Nicolas ...  

It's quite nice.

 By: M4 : July 5th, 2019-14:52
An uncommon blue dial and colorful accents plus no date. Works for me. M4


 By: Cpt Scarlet : July 5th, 2019-15:17
Peter is no longer in any way linked to the company.

It’s a long list....

 By: NickO : July 6th, 2019-07:30
Companies who continued to make watches after their eponymous founder left: Peter Speake-Marin Mirko Hyne (of Lang & Hyne) Roger Dubuis Cedric Johner Martin Braun Franc Vila Gerald Genta Daniel Roth To name but a few......

Sad but true. [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : July 6th, 2019-07:37

I do like it .

 By: Watchonthewrist : July 6th, 2019-00:40
Love the colors on the dail .

Interesting, but I don't believe it's called PSM any more since Peter sold the company... [nt]

 By: Blansky : July 6th, 2019-07:01
I believe it called just Speake-Marin and Peter had nothing to do with the creation of this watch although he probably did create this version in 2016. He left in 2017. ...  

While we’re discussing PSM....

 By: NickO : July 6th, 2019-08:58
Does anyone have any updates on STOIC watches? They just finished their first year and I’m curious how they’re doing? Do they have any distribution except for their website? Personally, I didn’t think the world needed more $200 to $400 homage watches and ... 

I would guess he's just biding his time until legally he can start to make watches again...

 By: Blansky : July 6th, 2019-10:07
Don't these sales require you to sign an agreement to non compete for something like 5 years? Just my guess. I have some PSM watches and hope he starts up again in some new capacity.