My own birhday present today found in Paris

Aug 02, 2014,10:45 AM

Happy to share with you my new Peter Speake-Marin Pioneer just received....

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Many happy returns!...

 By: pplater : August 2nd, 2014-16:06
Treating oneself to a new watch every birthday should become a habit - no, a rule! - for everyone. A PSM is a marvellous 'gift': enjoy. Cheers, pplater.
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Happy birthday and congrats!

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : August 2nd, 2014-21:03
A celebration and gift of style! Great choice and bravo! Thanks for sharing your joy with us here Cheers Robin
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thank you for your nice compliments [nt]

 By: gael_bx : August 3rd, 2014-02:08
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happy birthday and it a very nice treat

 By: swjoseph : August 3rd, 2014-03:55
my 42mm cousin says hi! ...  
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nice, a big one, is it white lume on yours ? [nt]

 By: gael_bx : August 3rd, 2014-12:50
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nope, I believe its same as yours. [nt]

 By: swjoseph : August 4th, 2014-09:16
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Congrats and Happy Birthday (belated!)

 By: andrewluff : August 4th, 2014-03:15
What a great PSM... I love it! Enjoy! Andrew
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Excellent choice, sure to be a classic modern SM!

 By: Tim Jackson : August 5th, 2014-02:21
Enjoy that rarity, I happen to prefer the original 38mm case execution, design wise it works better for me. Congrats and Happy Birthday! Cheers, Tim
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grat choice and happy B day :-) [nt]

 By: alex : August 5th, 2014-02:49
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a second Speake Marin for this year

 By: gael_bx : July 10th, 2021-10:32
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